reverse osmosis

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    Thinking about getting one of these. Thoughts?
  2. Sangmang

    $60 50gal RO system

    I was about to buy one at full price and stumbled across it on chewy for almost half off. Figured I'd pass it along. The 100gal is $70
  3. J

    Powdery mildew: How do I manage it?

    Hello fellow growers I’m currently growing 12 taho clones in my closet grow, very tight proximity to one another. I just defoliated and noticed white powdery mildew. most fan leaves are okay but about 40% have it, and it looks like small white circles on the leaves. It’s not to bad ... yet. I...
  4. P

    Tap/Distilled or R.O water?

    Hey! I have a plant in veg! So far I’ve been watering it with tap water (pH tested to 6.0) raised to 6.5pH. I’ve been hearing Reverse osmosis is the best to water with but a system can be quite pricey. Will distilled water suffice or do I need to buy a system? Or is the tap water reliable? Does...
  5. E

    Hard Water, Softened Water, RO Filters and PPM

    Situation with hard water, about 600ppm before and after water softener. It's high in iron and calcium which is understood to be detrimental to the roots' ability to absorb nutrients. I had been simply purchasing filtered water at store, however that option suddenly not available. Added a...
  6. mtnman303

    MtnMan303 Spring '18 Grow

    Hey all, Just gearing up to start my grow. Before we get started, a bit on mountain living. First, when you live on a mountain, theres’s no dirt, so everything that you grow is in pots or hydro. I’ll also be growing vegetables in hydro also so don’t be surprised if a tomato shows up in a pic...
  7. D

    R.O. help please!

    Ok everyone. I am new to this ro game. Recently moved to a place that's on well and water is bad. I am on a ebb flood and drain system. baisically asking what has worked for you? I did better this round upping my calmag plus to 5ml/gallon but curious about other supplements that are needed with...
  8. D

    Root mass help?

    Recently went to an R.O system and my root mass has deminished severely. Wondering if anyone has tips of how to increase root mass. Plants are happy but I'm not impressed with the roots. I used house n garden line including roots excel. What's your best nutrient for root mass. And what's the...
  9. G

    Recommended water treatment

    Hello there, I come from a city that has fluoridation and chloramine added to the water. I believe they are less than 10mg/L (<10ppm) each. However, I can't get a solid answer on this one. I'm wondering, is it absolutely necessary to get an RO filter? How easy are they to install (if it is...
  10. Happy Jack

    250PPM Alkaline Well Water - Deal with it how? Or get RO?

    Hello Fellow Growers, I'm a DWC newb, with healthy month-old plants in totes. I've been using my 250PPM well water with the GH Flora trio, hard water micro formula. The water level in the totes is high for initial root growth (12 gallons/tote), and pH initially tested somewhere between 7...
  11. J

    Water to the 2nd floor? Reverse Osmosis!!

    How you doing friends, im building a growroom on the 2nd floor in our house, the kitchen and bathroom etc are all on the first floor, I have bought a Reverse Osmosis system and trying to figure out do i just drill wholes from the basement run a garden house through the floors and up to the...
  12. W

    Crucial Elements Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Crucial Elements Reverse Osmosis systems are available at! More of their systems are being added to the site, for now, please call if you have a question about any other system. Description: The "Reign" by Crucial Elements, is American made, and the most popular 3-stage reverse...
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