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  1. N

    Medical Marijuana after hours with a safety sensitive job - Worried about disclosure

    I use marijuana for anxiety/depression/ptsd. I never use on the job or before work. I typically need it in the evening as I wind down and am alone with my thoughts. It helps me clear the mind and gets me to sleep. With antidepressants I needed sleeping pills and lost my sex drive...
  2. Ron Strider

    AZ: More Than A Ton Of Marijuana Found In Van Stopped By DPS Near Tucson

    Over 2,600 pounds of marijuana were found in a van after a traffic stop on Interstate 19 north of Nogales, the Arizona Department of Public Safety said. The man driving the van headed north toward Tucson ran into the desert after it was stopped by a trooper Tuesday night. He was not caught...
  3. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Health And Safety Line

    With the rapid growth of Denver's marijuana industry, questions from public health professionals, marijuana product consumers, and marijuana industry professionals alike are popping up with increased frequency. The hotline is a 3-month pilot project supported by the City of Denver and the...
  4. W

    The case to remove cannabis from the drug schedules completely

    The Case to remove cannabis from drug schedules completely Cannabis is currently in Schedule I. Substances in this schedule have no currently accepted medical use in the United States, a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision, and a high potential for abuse. Schedule I...
  5. Lady Antheia

    Username change please

    Terribly sorry, but I realized my beloved username has been used elsewhere with my email and cell phone attached. Due to safety concerns, can I please get it changed to Lady Antheia? Thank you!
  6. S

    Keep your hydroponic water under 70F/20C to limit Legionella bacteria growth

    Hi -- I know this is a little off-topic, but regarding Legionnaire's Disease, this is just a reminder to hydroponics growers that Legionella bacteria love to grow in warm water (above about 70F or 20C), so in the interest of good hygiene and safety, try to keep your water temps below that...
  7. K

    FL: Bill To Fund UF Medical Marijuana Surveillance System

    Gainesville, Fla -- A bill moving through the state legislature would fund medical marijuana research at the University of Florida. HB 3159, filed by Representative Dane Eagle, would provide nearly $2.5 million to UF's proposed Marijuana and Safety Outcomes Surevillance System, which will...
  8. K

    Canada: Aurora Is The Leader In Cannabis Safety, Says Canaccord Genuity

    The issue of safety has become an unexpected focus of the nascent marijuana industry and one company, Aurora Cannabis (TSXV:ACB), is head and shoulders above the others in the area, says Cannacord Genuity analyst Neil Maruoka. On Thursday, Aurora introduced a new product testing disclosure...
  9. Skullman420

    Growing safety - Tips & tricks on how to avoid getting caught!

    - Never tell anyone, not even your friends, that you've started growing weed Telling the wrong person is the number 1 reason growers get caught. I know it's hard to keep the mouth shut. After all you're proud of your accomplishments. Start a grow journal instead if you have to show people your...
  10. K

    CA: Willits City Council To Discuss Cannabis, Airport Safety

    The Willits City Council in its first meeting of the year will again address the long-deliberated issue of a local ordinance permitting commercial cannabis permits in Willits. The last time the council heard public input, in November, residents who attended expressed the sentiment that...
  11. K

    Canada: As Pot Legalization Nears, Cannabis Industry Can't Forget Workers' Rights

    When it comes to workplace safety and rights for cannabis workers in Canada, the recent report by the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation leaves some labour advocates a bit dazed and confused. The Canadian cannabis industry is poised to become a significant player in our...
  12. K

    Proposed National Fire Safety Codes In Works For Cannabis Businesses

    Marijuana extractors in particular as well as cultivators and retailers across the nation can anticipate new fire safety guidelines in the months ahead designed to head off potentially deadly fires and explosions at cannabis businesses. A 10-member committee of fire code enforcers, equipment...
  13. K

    Adult Use Of Marijuana Act Will Increase Public Safety

    Last week, the secretary of state announced that the Adult Use of Marijuana Act will qualify for the November ballot. I spent over 20 years as a police officer, so I know how important it is to bring clarity to our marijuana laws. Law enforcement associations opposed to the measure continue to...
  14. K

    Canadians Focused On Safety, Education, Training When Legalizing Marijuana - Study

    Vancouver — A new study says most Canadians are more concerned with how marijuana is regulated than if pot should be legal. The Abacus data shows 35 per cent of people are firmly for legalizing pot, 24 per cent are against it, and the remaining 42 per cent in the middle. "That's the...
  15. R

    NH: Road Safety A Marijuana Concern

    As members of the House review legislation that would legalize recreational use of marijuana, highway safety has emerged as a key issue. As members of the House review legislation that would legalize recreational use of marijuana, highway safety has emerged as a key issue. After clearing...
  16. NonGMO

    Will seed be damaged?

    Hello guys this is my first post on 420magazine and also my first time growing, I have a few questions that may be kinda dumb but I'm trying my best and looking to get as much help and practice I can get. Ok so today I bought some seeds 2 White Widows and 1 OG Skunk I started the germination...
  17. R

    California's Marijuana Edibles Remain In Food Safety Limbo

    California's Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act has been in effect for a month now, but the state's Department of Public Health hasn't yet published or implemented food safety standards for so-called edibles. However, the Act didn't give the department a deadline. It simply states...
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