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Keep your hydroponic water under 70F/20C to limit Legionella bacteria growth


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Hi -- I know this is a little off-topic, but regarding Legionnaire's Disease, this is just a reminder to hydroponics growers that Legionella bacteria love to grow in warm water (above about 70F or 20C), so in the interest of good hygiene and safety, try to keep your water temps below that. Legionnaires is usually spread by breathing tiny droplets of water ("aerosols"), so eliminating any splashing or spraying should help too.

Here's some info from the Centers for Disease Control
Legionella | Prevention, Hot Tubs | Legionnaires | CDC

Happy growing!
-- Scientific the microbiologist :)
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Just theorizing here, but I would guess that inoculating the media with beneficial bacteria like the bacillus in Hydroguard would help to limit the nutrients to other, harmful bacteria. That's what I'm doing, anyway...
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