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    #1 Runt 1 week in screen set up
  2. D

    Can someone identify this material

    Hey guys, first post here. I've ended up obtaining lots of trim from a crop and I'm wanting to make it into hash. I plan to do it using the method shown in this video: I have 2 questions: 1. What grade of filter should I use for the silk screen? I am looking for quantity over quality...
  3. H

    Advice needed regarding SCROG issue

    OK, so a little background. My last grow (which was my first grow), I manifolded 3 plants grown in hydro. The plants did very well (health wise) but I had way too much popcorn bud which I believe stunted the growth of the main flowers - they were not very dense. I harvested 11 quarts so the...
  4. K

    Drug Screen Advice

    I recently took a pre employment 5 panel drug screen. I am a female so luckily I was able to give them a warm CLEAN sample. However.... I was on my period and some of MY Blood got into the cup. Will this give me a positive test for THC? Help needed.
  5. HigherTheHigh

    How long do I veg for scrog? 4x8 screen

    hello everyone! like the title says im looking for info on starting my first scrog, putting 8 northern light plants in a 4x8 tent. just wondering how long will i have to veg for? how high should i have the screen above the pots? i will be using coco/perlite 60/40 mix. canna a&b...
  6. Aaron Quix

    Kannastor 2.2" Grinder Review

    Kannastor 2.2" Grinder Review Thank you to the fine folks at Smokazon for providing this sweet little appliance for review. A perfect addition to any smoking and vaping collection, and an absolute necessity in my humble opinion, Kannastor Brand grinders offer a variety of sizes to suit a...
  7. Scrogdawg

    Question about weaving a scrog?

    I've begun weaving my 2 RDWC plants around under the scrog screen. My screen has 3" holes and is 10 holes long by 8 holes wide giving me a total of 80 holes. I simply thought 1 hole, 1 bud site, turns out its pretty hard to make that happen. My questions are...If correctly done is it feasible...
  8. H

    Urine screen

    I need to know how I can tell if it's too hot or too cold?? I know sometimes that is how they can tell if it isn't up to temp. I have to drive 25-30 minutes away and it is in a Dr office.
  9. Curly Beaver

    Where did process photo screen go in the upload gallery section?

    I have uploaded photo's and it says I was successful, but it doesn't take me to the process screen so I can't use them. Did it change recently? How do I process them if they are loaded? Thanks.
  10. H


    Hey :420: !!! been a couple years since i have grown anything worth growing :laugh2: im just about done building a custom grow box with a SOG screen in it for my gf since i just enjoy growing and harvesting. my box size is 6'x20"x20" ill be using a 10 gallon pot and my 2" mesh screen is 2'6"...
  11. TheFrizz

    Completed First Grow - Blue Dream - 4x4 Tent - 1000W Light - DWC

    Hello everyone! This is my very first grow, and my goal is to get the most efficient yield that I can from 4 plants (legal limit in my state). I selected Blue Dream because it has positive smoke reviews and also is a high yielding strain that is easy to grow. I decided to grow from seed rather...
  12. X

    Question About Scrog - First grow

    Hi i Got few quostion up here. Its my first grow so i dont know exatcly what to do My set up is 1000w and 9x of Northen light aand they are on 4th week of veg now my quostion is should i flip them to 12/12 now? the screen seem to be pretty filled or should i wait till they are few inches over...
  13. Curly Beaver

    Screen size for hash box?

    I want to make a hash box (or two) but am pretty confused regarding the size of material to use. After quite a bit of reading it seems some folks go a step farther and have two sizes, one for a higher quality hash and one that is just so-so for cooking etc. I am willing and able to make the...
  14. Mono

    Completed Mono's Monster 3.0 - One Plant - One Kilo?

    :welcome::welcome: Hello all :) I figured I would start and maintain this journal as a little side line project whilst I complete a couple of grows in the main flowering tent. For this grow there will be one plant grown in a 4ft x 4ft tent under a 250 watt hps for veg and an air cooled...
  15. YodaTheRedEye

    1st Grow - Purp Kush & Crown Royale SCRog - Flip time soon?

    Let me begin by saying thanks to everyone who helped me with my purp kush deficiency early on. As you can see she is kickin' ass now (plant on the left). I have read that it is time to flip when approx. 75% of the screen is full for indicas. I am confused about what is meant by the screen...
  16. urmom

    Dry Sift: A Photo Essay

    Hello everyone in 420 land! I have a bit of growing experience, both indoor and out. And I have been experimenting with hashmaking for the last year or so...Both solvent based and ice water methods. Today I would like to share my recent adventure into dry sifting. To start, you will...
  17. V

    Help! Pre employment screen tomorrow!

    Help! I have a pre employment drug screen tomorrow and I smoked twice, once on the 18th and also on the 19th of this month. The last time I smoked was a year ago. It just so happens this job fell in my lap last week and now I have have a screen. I took a home test yesterday and I got both lines...
  18. cmay

    I have a screen issue and need help

    I have a screen which I put on the plants a week ago. Im not sure If i should keep the screen on for a few reasons. Its hard to move around in the tent now and impossible to change the water out now. well its a pain in the ass more now then ever. So do i really need the screen for these? Im...
  19. A

    Need help identifying

    I need to know if this is a weed plant. Thanks! :)
  20. Faic

    SCROG: Why you want to do it and how, a Faic attempt

    The following program is rated Adult, and may contain plant nudity and large images of plant nudity. Viewer discretion is advised. Any typographical or grammatical errors are due to the writers laziness or lack of attention in English class. Hello all, This is a post in response to a...
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