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  1. HigherTheHigh

    Vertical & Horizontal Training

    Hello everyone. I'm currently growing 3 Cheese from Seedsman and plan to flower in a 2*4 tent, I need as much yield as I can possibly get as I plan to make edibles and concentrate. My goal is 20-25oz but I'm struggling to think how I'm going to train them, my hopeful goal was to run a scrog...
  2. Schnookie

    Schnookie's First Grow In 30 Years: Mixed Strains, Mixed Schedule, Mixed Nutrients

    What strain is it? White Widow, Skunk#1, and Girl Scout Cookies - feminized Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid - skunk#1 70/30 S/I?, WW 60/40??, GSC 40/60%?? idk Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Flower If in Veg... For how long? 60 days from sprout to flip - some...
  3. it's 2/twins.

    it's 2/twins.

    i lay over scrogged colas that cooperate, to make secondary/supporting bud to the tops... tops, themselves. very akin to supercropping, but lst bending and without risking, shorting its circulatory rte so u didn't just half a top bud, with an uncooperative notch...
  4. Opar

    Opar’s First Grow: Blue Dream & Bubba Kush 2.0, 2019

    Hello! I am from Canada and this is my first attempt to grow Cannabis. Since I am very new, I’d like to invite you to watch and comment as I attempt to replicate a youtuber’s ‘common man’s grow’. I’m only into week 3 of veg, and I’ve already got a list of mistakes to correct for the next...
  5. Pinktiger777

    Pink's Perpetual Experiments

    Welcome to my newest journal, all! Those of you who have seen my previous efforts will know that I often jump off the train and then wonder why my legs are broken or worse. I call these efforts "my experiments." I really can't help it. A purely perfect grow, with everything going just peachy...
  6. TysonOG

    Tyson's 4x4 ScrOG Feat: Mimosa In DWC 2019

    What is up 420 community! Man, I am so excited to be here. First of all let me tell you a little about myself. I have been into the growing hobby for 8 years now, but on and off. I started in soil and quickly switched to coco where i had a blast. I was always leery of trying full hydro but...
  7. zeecanopy.jpg


    ebb and flow with a scrog screen. 12 days from transfer from seedling tent to flowering tent. One week from 12/12.
  8. Screened.jpg


    Group shot of me ladies under the screen.
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  10. FungiClay

    1 White Widow, 2 Unknown Strain, 2x4 LED Organic Living Soil

    Welcome All! Thanks for stopping by for a peak. This is my second grow and im looking forward to being part of a community where i can share my passion for cannabis. I currently just finished week 5 of veg and am on day 3 of flower, so lets show you whats up! Seeds- 1 WhiteWidow -Rare Earth...
  11. Side view flower tent

    Side view flower tent

    Debilitator Kush and Whoberry Haze #1 scrog
  12. Flower tent

    Flower tent

    Whoberry Haze #1 and Debilitator Kush after treatment
  13. Debilitator Kush in veg

    Debilitator Kush in veg

    Debilitator Kush in veg mode, almost time to flip
  14. S

    Dutch Passion, Glueberry OG, Flower Day 10

    This is my scrogged Glueberry at half way through week 2 flowering Not that many pics of this strain on the net so thought I'd share :cool:
  15. Nets up!

    Nets up!

    Whoberry Haze #1 and Debilitator Kush almost ready to flip!
  16. HigherTheHigh

    I need help with the perfect scrog & medium question

    Hello all! Im currently in the middle of an organic soil grow and i really need a few questions asked, there currently in a coco/compost style medium, it isnt the best but there only in 1L pots at the moment and are 15 days old, doing pretty well up to now but, am i okay leaving them in this...
  17. Whoberry Haze #1 stackin

    Whoberry Haze #1 stackin

    The lights are 35" away from her, no stretching at all.
  18. Bob is watching

    Bob is watching

    Decided to add Bob to the tent. Now it feels like he's in there watching over my plants.
  19. Advocate420

    Advocate420's 2019: 2 Plant Medical Grow

    Hello ! Going to try starting a fresh journal and attempt to expand on making it useful for myself and others. A little About Me: I started growing in the last couple years. I finally have my own space to use how I see fit now and without it effecting anyone else. I call it comfort :p. I am a...
  20. Whoberry Haze #1 surrounded by Debilitator Kush

    Whoberry Haze #1 surrounded by Debilitator Kush

    Reposition of Debilitator Kush and Whoberry Haze
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