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  1. hyperluv

    Hyperluv's 2nd Grow Organic Soil Multiple Autos T5 & PS1000 LED - 2017

    Hi Everyone, this will be my second grow. I will be using soil this time for a more organic grow. No changes in the grow room tents from the last grow except for the size of the fabric pots. Tents: Two 5'x5' from Apollo horticulture Veg Tent Lights: Two T5 lamps with four 54W 4' bulbs each...
  2. hyperluv

    Hyperluv's 1st Offical Grow Coco-Perlite Multiple Autos T5 & PS1000 LED - 2016

    Hi All, here goes my official 1st grow. I had an unplanned grow with some bags seeds that produced crap so far (spider mites, transplant shock, males which I thought were females, etc..). In fact, the one plant and two clones I have left are still growing. They went to veg from flower twice...
  3. M

    1st Cabinet, Scrog Growth

    Hi All! This will be my first entry! But this is not my grow. I want to say thank you for all of the information that I have already absorbed. All Of your help is much appreciated! Reading and researching around these forums has been a real pleasure! You are all so helpful and polite! I feel...
  4. K

    Please help with my grow cabinet! Noob!

    Hey there and thanks for looking. Ok so my cabinet is framed out of 2x2 with 1/4 inch ply wood as the walls ect. So far I have 2 t5 36 in lights going to put them vertically in the corners I might get 1 for each corner. And I have 4 sun blaster compact fluorescent lights. There all 6400k full...
  5. R

    T5 for flowering

    For flowering with T5 bulbs should I change all the bulbs to the 2700k (I think it is 2700) or do a mix of 2700k and 6500k. I have 8 bulbs.
  6. S.Indica

    T5 Lights

    Ez, Think of setting up a veg chamber to house roughly 8 mothers and wondered if using T5's would do the trick, my plan was to use the Sun Blaster T5 Flourescents, would 4X4ft T5's be enough to keep a space 4ft by 2 by 2 with 8 mothers happy and could I possibly keep more mothers. strictly indica
  7. A

    White Widow First Time Grow T5 DWC Closet Grow Hydroponics Indoor

    The Plan Grow White Widow from seeds. Use the 'from seed' plants as mothers to operate a continuous grow. The grow will start in a closet and later move to a room. Once setup, i will perform various experiments using control and test. The Setup Seeds: Pre-germination, then into...
  8. A

    Unknown Seed First Time Grow

    The Plan Grow these unknown (probably crappy) seeds so that when i make a lot of mistakes, i can do it better on my next White Widow Continuous Grow. 420 Magazine ® Set Up Seeds: Pre-germination, then into rockwool. 42watt CFL in a propagation dome with heating mat. Botanicare Liquid...
  9. K

    switch lights to flower?

    Is it possible to grow quality buds using T5's and cfl through the entire grow or is it necessary to switch to hps when flowering?
  10. K

    3x5x6 Closet and 400 bucks can I pull it off and how?

    I have a 3 x 5 x 6 Closet and 400 bucks can I pull it off and if so how and how many can I fit? This is my first time and if I can't I need to know either way. T5's LED's soil hydro what the F*ck Please Help!:thankyou:
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