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White Widow First Time Grow T5 DWC Closet Grow Hydroponics Indoor


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The Plan

Grow White Widow from seeds. Use the 'from seed' plants as mothers to operate a continuous grow. The grow will start in a closet and later move to a room. Once setup, i will perform various experiments using control and test.

The Setup

Seeds: Pre-germination, then into rockwool. 42watt CFL in a propagation dome with heating mat. Botanicare Liquid Karma nutrient solution.

Grow: 4' T5 fixture with 4 bulbs. DWC using General Hydroponics FloraNova and a small water and air pump for nutrient circulation.

Day 1


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Day 2

01:03:15 7/9/11 11:45 PM

1,2,3 on the left are the 3 seeds that have germinated and graduated to the dome. 4 and 5 are still germinating in paper towels under aluminum foil. (number 1 on the right is a reject from another grow) I have a heating mat and 24/7 light source from a 42 watt CFL.

Just checked the temps again and it is at 100 degrees. I've decided to bail on the heating mat.


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Day 4

04:25 PM 7/11
88 Degrees 28% Humidity
1 and 2 have broken the surface of their cubes. 3 has no change. 4 has germinated and is placed in rockwool today.

4:25 PM 7/11
Number 5 has not germinated with the paper towel method. I am now trying the submerged method into distilled water to see if that would help.


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Looking forward to the grow!


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Thanks for the support!

I have another grow i started about 2 weeks before this one so you can check that one out too.

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Day 5

7:00 AM 7/12
90 Degrees 30% humidity
Number 3 has broken the surface. Number 4 is still hiding. And Number 5 has not germinated with the submersion method. Under the leaves are almost purple... Kind of interesting.


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Day 6

8:00am 7/13
Number 1,2, and 3 are doing great. The leaves are starting to take form. Number 4 still hasn't broken the surface. I hope it does soon. Number 5 has not germinated and I'll be giving it one more day before I give up.


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I had a great day today! I checked on my plants this morning and they all have taken a step up. If you haven't seen my other grow, check out:

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The genetics of this White Widow strain is really impressing me. The growth is so fast!

Day 7

8:00 AM 7/14
77 Degrees 35% Humidity 260ppm
What an amazing day! Numbers 1,2 and 3 are stretching. The roots are visible with 2 and 3.

Number 4 has finally broken the surface. As I expected, Number 5 has not germinated and we have a confirmed casualty.

I have transplanted Number 2 and 3 into their new home to further develop their root systems. I have ¼ nutrients and a reading of 260ppm. I wasn't expecting this fast of a growth so I only have a bubbler in the reservoir to mix solution. I'll get a water pump tomorrow to add. So far, the White Widow genetics are impressing me.

Look at those perfect conditions. I know there is a debate on what humidity is best, ranging from 30-50%. My humidifier is garbage, so I tossed it and I will get a new one this weekend. As for now, we have a storm system coming through, so humidity levels will be fine for now.


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Ajax looking good my man . You need to lower those lights! Getting really stemmy! Ill be watching out for these bitches with you!


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@FirstGrowGod: I kind of halfheartedly tried the bucket thing but your right, i guess it deserves a solid effort before i pawn it off. I'm a bit tight for space right now but I'll be starting a new post after this weekend of my grow room.

@CannaVince: I agree the light source was a bit far away at about 14" while they were in the dome. I took the dome off and put them at 2" for 24 hours now and they are still stretching. Even the ones i put under my T5 lights still stretched some more. Maybe it's delay? I didn't have that problem with my other grow, but i guess strains are different. I appreciate the heads up, i don't know why i didn't think of that a few days ago.

@luvpiff: What is your spacing on your plants? How do you like it?

Day 8

6:00AM 7/15
79 Degrees 42% Humidity 290ppm
I have removed the dome to get the CFL closer to plants 1 and 4. Plant 1 still has stretched a bit and is due for a transplant, which will happen later today. Plants 2 and 3 are under the T5 lights doing well. They have stretched a bit more as well.


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They are 1 1/4 ft apart. I luv it. Everything is self timed. I'm glad I spent the extra $ for this setup. It def pays off in the end. Once u reach wk 3 its pretty much a cake walk.


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Day 9

10:00PM 7/16
78 Degrees 42% humidity 315ppm
Normal growth on 2 and 3. They stopped stretching.

I dropped the tray today. 1 (left) is okay but 2 (center) got a leaf pulled off of it (one of it's first tiny pointy leaves). Also, Number 1 should be in a DWC bin today but my hydro shop has been closed for a few days now, and I need net pots. I'm gonna throw away that guy on the right, that thing is so confused.


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How's your WW doing? Mine is still on its way here. Can't wait to start. Going to make lots of clones from one seed.

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