1. MVcowboy

    First real grow, clones, autoflowers & random seeds: need all the tips and advice I can get!

    Hello everyone, This is my first real grow. Currently have 12 plants growing. 7 clones ( Green Crack, Sour Diesel, Skywalker, Platinum, Big Bud, Cookie Glue, XJ-13), 2 Autoflowers ( Critical Purple and Gorilla Glue), Seeds ( 3 random seeds from some Reggie). I have some Feminized White Widow on...
  2. 4

    Completed 420Girl's First Grow - Northern Lights - 2017

    Hello kind folk :ciao: I thought I'd start a journal for anyone who's interested and also it might be better than posting a million different questions in other parts of the forum! About me: After numerous health issues for over a decade and regular meds not helping, I've decided to...
  3. L

    T5s for flower? What is your experience?

    Ok guys and gals i am just curious what you are using for lighting in flower. I have 12 plants in soil under 2 4' 4 bulb 54 watt ho t5s as well as one 8 bulb HO t5 ( total of 16 bulbs) i have heard that t5 are bad for flower but i cant afford to get any hsp or any diffrent lights. So im just...
  4. V

    Veg Lighting Options

    What's up guys? I'm currently in the beginning stages of my first grow and it's time I make my first real purchase in terms of lighting. I plan on using one closet for vegging/seedlings/clones and another for flowering. My veg closet is 45" x 35" x 72" and I'm expecting to have 4-6 plants...
  5. Mr.M

    Abandoned Amateur Hour 2012

    Hey Everyone! I decided to start a Journal to follow a quick mock up in a poly divided 6x7 closet. Along with a miniature SOG I wanted to test. Lights: 600W HPS Interlux Bulb/Phantom Ballast 4ft 8-Bulb Pioneer T5s 4x85W CFL 200W CFL for SOG Misc. White King Wing Reflector(or...
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