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  1. CharlieG

    Charlie's Soil Northern Lights 2018!

    This will be my 2nd grow and better equipped this time with a proper tent, fans, carbon filter and two led lights. Hope you enjoy the ride! Bucket Size - half gallon at the moment but I'll be moving into 5 gallon pots in a week or so. Tent - 80x80×180 Medium - Canna Terra professional soil...
  2. I

    2nd grow fails because of yellowing week 3-4 flower

    Hello, My name is Hugo and I'm looking forward to the day when I'll be smoking my own good quality cannabis, BUT I still have a lot to learn and I have a problem that I can't solve and i'm getting really frustrated. I It's the second time my 6 plants start to yellow at 3-4 weeks into bloom...
  3. C

    Green Crack CBD - Calvados 2nd - 4x4 - LED - 450W & 300W

    Hi. This is my second indoor grow. Big takeaway from the first grow is journal everything. Do this logically. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I did a bit of homework to come up with Green Crack. It sounds like good fun. I enjoy getting high. It's my cocktail. I'm in my 60s...
  4. A

    Help! stains on leaves?

    hi everyone, today it is day 20 for my Moby Dick XXL and about 5 days ago the first two leaves started to show some stains and break off... So if someone could tell me what it is i would be very appreciated :high-five: I have been feeding it 2.5 ml/L Ata Terra leaves and 1ml/L rootfast...
  5. R

    Irvine-Based Medical Marijuana Firm Terra Tech Merges With Oakland Dispensary

    Terra Tech, an Irvine-based marijuana agriculture company, will merge with Black Oak Gallery, a retail medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland. The merger includes Blüm Oakland's supply chain: an on-site cultivation facility, proprietary marijuana strains and a retail store front. Blüm...
  6. DrTentgrow

    canna terra pro plus help please.

    Hello i have 5 feminized white widow seedlings which are nearly 2 weeks old i started them of in root riot cubes then transplanted them in to 11ltr with canna terra pro plus pots my problem is that a few of the leaves are slightly twisted and they don't look quite as green as they could be but...
  7. DrTentgrow

    Transplanting to canna terra pro plus help.

    Hello i have 8 fem white widow seedlings that are in root riot cubes they have been in them about a week they have got 1 set of true leaves and are still small about 4-5cm the roots have just started to show through the sides of the cubes and i have just started feeding them with a little...
  8. DrTentgrow

    Some one please help me!! soil help

    i have bought 6 50L bags of canna terra pro plus soil mix it has some fertilizers in it but when should i start to feed my plants? should i just start to feed them when they show signs of needing feed or what? or maybe use light nutes to start of with. Thanks in advance for any advice as it...
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