1. SweetSue

    A friend needs diagnostic help

    Pigeons 420 doesn't roam these halls any longer, but many of us still follow his beloved ass on YouTube. Admittedly, he's never been good at diagnosing nutrient problems. Watching his weekly garden update this morning my heart was wrenched at the sight of this suffering Afghan Kush...
  2. 28 Grams

    Should I get the Mars Reflector or Mars II? What's the difference exactly?

    I'd love to hear a response from the Mars Hydro sales rep on the forum. On another thread I saw this - From this thread Edit: I have found other info online that confirms that quote above. I have a 3x2.66' (5 square feet) tent. Should I get the Mars Reflector 96 or Mars Reflector 144? Will...
  3. Z

    New Guy

    New here, I'm a mechanical engineering student and I have embarked on my first growing experience. I'd like to both share what I am learning as well as receive some criticism from the pros here. My thread is below feel free to take a look and give your 0.02! My First Grow!
  4. J

    How To -Training, Topping and Pruning

    Apologies in advance if I ask anything incorrectly and I am sure these questions have probably been answered before, but I am hoping I can gather information together more easily in a single thread or perhaps people can point me in the right direction on a previous thread or article which will...
  5. HizzyB

    Unboxing thread - Show your new grow toys!

    I wanted to show my new purchase: My "new to me" 1980s librabry book on plant tissue culture. If y'all think this thread is worthy of staying active feel free to post pics or vids of your new grow equipment, gadgets or schooling materials
  6. C

    How do I delete the notification to email?

    every time in my thread i get notifications to my email.. how i cancel it?
  7. U


    Looks like its time to introduce myself. I'm UrbanAuto and I just started a thread for my Big Bang autos I will be starting in about three weeks. Waiting on the seeds. Weather you just want to see the entire grow or if you would like to put some input into it please subscribe to the thread...
  8. Stinky Snid

    Auto Growers Unite: A Community Thread

    I think it's time we put all the speculation and myths about autoflower to rest. With this thread I'd like to have everyone's ideas and strategies for growing amazing autoflower cannabis plants. Although I'd love to administer this thread myself, the more people that can contribute the better...
  9. B

    Autoflower Topping Thread

    Well it looks like they closed the auto topping thread, bummer, I was enjoying that thread. I guess I will post some pics here pineapple kush 21 days topped at 14 days Caramelicious auto untopped 21days I am going to start some lst on them tonight and see how that...
  10. W

    How do I post a thread in the right place?

    might seem like a stupid question but nowhere on this site does it tell you where to post a thread. there is no explanation on how to post a question? can someone please help?? just a simple, go to this.. click on this..... would be much apprciated :)
  11. Slyer8

    600W HPS - Vertical Hood - 4 GSC - Indoor

    Hi to all my fellow growers I'm slyer8. So I got 4 Girl Scout Cookies clones they are all on 7 gallon smart pots with organic soil and perlite. Iam currently feeding them for farms big bloom and Tiger bloom. They are on the 2nd week flowering. I am currently creating this thread from my phone so...
  12. B

    Do I need to fix anything?

    Hey guys, So I missplaced my thread the first time I made it (i put it in FAQ) and because of that i'm not receiving many replies. Bubba Kush - First Time Grow There it is. I'll be posting another update soon If you guys know how i can move that thread to this forum that would be great...
  13. TorturedSoul

    Received Error Message When Attempting to Search Thread

    I saw that a member was unable to find a way to vote (in our contests) using the forum's mobile device app, and wanted to perform a thread-search upon the Support For 420 Magazine App For Android thread - to see if this had already been discussed there - before advising the member to post his...
  14. golfer420

    White widow almost 4 weeks into flower

    Here are my two ladies. Check out my sig for the thread :Namaste:
  15. E

    What kind of strain is this?

    Hey everyone. I got this plant and im really curiouse to know wtf im using. Can anybody tell which kind of weed and flavor is this? PS: I found a little seed inside of it. Is it the actual seed? can i grow it?
  16. movie1212

    The "Say something nice about another member" thread

    The "Say something nice about another member" thread. This is the most civilized of the existing marijuana sites. I will not mention them by name because Teddy or Mr. Bowman will zap them and magically they would vanish. THAT is COOL. It is great to join this the new HG420. In the forums...
  17. itsbrianyo

    Here We Grow 2.0 - Bag Seed

    Hello fellow grow journalist! I'm kicking off this new thread for my second grow. I never quite finished my first journal so I hope to get some good documentation for this one. However, so far i'm starting this new journal bit late so this first post will catch everyone up to where I am now. If...
  18. 4Dutchess

    Pictures exceed limits - Please help

    My computer skills suck and when i try to upload a pic it sometimes says it exceeds the limit. What do I do? Im going inside in a tent soon and want to start a thread maybe. Heres this year yard grow 2 weeks ago and I want to show em off today because theyre beautiful!! Peace
  19. A

    Airpack - Outdoor - Blue Dream - 2016

    This is SWIM's first grow, started seeds (4/17/16) with water cup saturation method for about 4 days then moved to solo cups (4/22/16) , they are now almost 3 weeks old now (it is now 5/12/16) and have been run on a 17/7 schedule with blue spectrum "grow lights" plan on moving them outdoor when...
  20. TorturedSoul

    Happy "420"

    I hope everyone is having one :thumb:. And I can't believe I'm the first to post a thread like this (this year), lol. I'm even a little late.
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