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  1. S


    Hi Folks, I have a lighting question. Right now I veg & flower in one tent app. 39 inches x39 inches with a 700 watt Mars hydro. I'm pretty happy with my results. I want to get a second tent, one for flower the other for veg. My next light will be 900 or 1000 watt, which should I use to...
  2. H

    Beginner LED decision - Which and how many?

    I know this gets asked but searching through all the post I have doesn't answer it all. I have a 400 watt MH-HPS by Vivosun atm in a 40"x40"x7' tent. The heat is too much, with a 4" inline and filter, where I am and I'm looking at replacing with LEDs. Should I buy cheaper ones such as MarsHydro...
  3. X

    600 watt HPS & seeds in soil - New grower

    Hi i'm a new poster and first time grower and just need to ask a little questeon, if anybody could help it would be great :) I'm growing 4 plant's under a 600w HPS light, i'm pretty sure it's HPS? it's an Omega 600w Superlumen bulb and it give's of a sunny/orange glow, my first seed has just...
  4. Richard Richardson

    Amare Tech SE250 LED - Koniaphostic Grow Journal & Review

    On May 18th, a package arrived, 4 Cree CXB 3070 COBs surrounded by a metal box and some 5 watt LEDs... I hung it as high as I could with the wires/carabiners that were enclosed. All photos are taken with "Automatic" camera settings from the start of this Amare journey. With all LEDs...
  5. GreatWhiteBud

    Need help with a newb lighting question

    I currently have a 6 tube 4 ft T5 HO fixture with 6400 K bulbs (324 watts)that i am using to veg in y 4x4x6 tent. I am looking to use this fixture as side lighting with switching 4 of the 6 6400 K bulbs out for 2700 K bulbs and hanging a HID above the plants. I am using a 4 inch ventilation fan...
  6. G

    1 week into flowering - Still can't tell if it's a male or female

    Have on a 150 watt hps why I'm trying to keep it small. Since I started this one I have bought feminized seeds and just don't want to start them until I know what this is. Thanks to anyone with help and sugg. Seems like it's going pretty well so far. Want to move to a 300-400 watt has light if...
  7. G

    First time grow

    Hi how's everyone doing this is my first grow I Am brand new to the cultivation and want to begin so I went and purchased a Mars Hydro 600 watt LED a 32 by 32 by 63 grow tent and I want to know if I get four 5 gallon buckets dwc is too much for the 600 watt light or should I go down to two plants
  8. O

    First Grow

    I have a plywood crate that I am thinking about using for my first grow. It is 36" wide, 15" deep, and 46" high (inside) with door. It is painted white inside. Have a bunch of silver mylar emergency blankets, maybe staple to entire inside. Received a Mars 300 watt LED light for birthday. Would...
  9. M

    Germination with 250 Watt Mh light ?

    is it okay to be germinated with 250 watt mh light ? and average distance for not to burn seeds ?
  10. N

    Leaves turning purple?

    2 days ago today 6 weeks tomorrow from first flowering Indoor soil using earth juice on low scale Water is not phd as i dont have a meter but its tap sat uncovered for 24-48 hours About 110 watt equivalent/500 watt cfl Humidity 35-50% Temp anywhere from 78-95
  11. M

    What is the preferred LED for flowering?

    Looking to upgrade my lighting for My future grows. I am looking for two 100-150 watt light and one 400 watt light. I am looking at wattage pulled from the wall btw. What type of led works best for flowering?
  12. B

    LED Closet Case Grow

    hi guys and gals and :welcome: to my journal. I'm going to run 4 regular blackout kush (og kush x g13) plants under a led 100 watt grow light. this 100 watt led grow light is actually brighter than my 150 watt hps grow light and it emits nice full spectrum light like the sun. day 1:
  13. xave420

    Is 15,000 lumens of 6500k enought to grow a plant?

    was wondering if it was enough light , I have a setup of cfls I have 2 45watt 6500k cfl, 2 23 watt 6500k and 2 33 watt 6400k and equals to be around 15,000 lumens.
  14. N

    I know nothing!

    bag seed from a friend unknown strain. day 32 under 12/12 hows she looking? 4 x 23/100 watt cfl 2700k 1 x 18/100 watt led 2700k
  15. TwoBirdStoned

    First Grow - Hash Plant From Crop King Seeds

    New member here at the Grow Room, and a new grower as well. I've been smoking cannabis regularly for about 10 years. Two experienced growers gave me advice and guidance throughout this process. I chose Hash Plant because it was said to be shorter and bushier and I was planning to grow in a...
  16. kushykush11

    First Time Grow

    HI im doing my very first grow i am currently growing 5 plants 1 indica ( unknown strain) and 4 sativas (romulan haze) i am using two 45 watt 6500k cfls and 2 75 watt phillips agro lights. one plant is a week and 6 days from sprout was wondering if there was anything i could do to make it grow...
  17. N

    Grow light - Which is better?

    Could you use a LED shop light to grow seedlings and clones ? It is 49 watts with 4800 lumens and 4200k. Or would a T12 cool white 40 watt be better for starting plants? Thanks for all replies and looking forward to all the input.
  18. A

    Need help asap solar panels and lighting

    Ok so I have a house I'm interested in it has 7,000 watt solar panel system. the house is completely off grid and would cost 130k to hook to Edison. the solar system itself cost 55k I want to run 2 10x10 grow rooms each throwing 1720 watts both for 11 hours a day. and one small veg tent...
  19. S

    2nd grow yield question - Should I add more lighting?

    Hello all!! I'm starting my 2 grow, my first turned out GREAT with the quality but not happy with the Quantity. My first set up was organic and I did REALLY well with it, decided to try a DWC set up this time hoping for more yield and shorter harvest time of coarse. so my questions are...
  20. Mono

    Mono's Monster 2.0

    :welcome: Time for another attempt at a single plant grow. This run is going to be focused on Northern Lights x Blueberry (NL Blue) from delicious seeds. A high yielding, fast flowering strain. After the 12/12 from seed test run, the strain showed good potential for a very high yielding...
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