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  1. D

    Metal halide bulb compatibility

    Will an Ultra Sun 1000 Watt MH Bulb 7500K (901538) work with a digital ballast or do I have to use a magnetic one? I'n not really sure which forum to ask but I thought I would start here. I've only used a 1000 watt magnetic ballast in the past and I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a...
  2. LabMan

    MarsII 700 or 900?

    i am planning on upgrading light for a 3x3 area. I can't decide between the 700 or 900 will a 900 give me noticeably better yield? The 700 gives me 35 watts per sf. 900 is 45 watt per sf. Any pros and cons? Thanks
  3. C

    Capt Blast Moving Indoors - A Utility Shed Perpetual

    Well, I'm getting there, have a 4x4 tent set up in the shed with 400 watt MH, a 5x5 tent on the way, along with 8/3 UF wire to run power, some insulation, etc, $'s etc... Strain - Indica Critical Kush & Green Crack from seed # of Plants - 10 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size...
  4. C

    Hey there - I need all the help I can get

    Hello everyone first time growing anything and I need all the help I can get my plants look less than amazing compared to the rest on here I'm using a tomato bone meal blood meal mixed feed I have a 100 watt 70 watt and a regular CFL light in a empty room in my house I think they are starting to...
  5. ConstantGreen

    Mars Monday - Which panel for flowering 4x4 feet?

    Trying to pick a new light out of cyber monday sales; which Mars Hydro is the best for flowering a 4x4 coverage area? Website says the 1200w is Maximum Coverage: Covers a full 4' x 4' easily replace a 600W HPS or HID. I know from experience the 550 watt Mars1200 does easily replace a 600w HPS...
  6. L

    First Time Grower

    Hey guys I'm a first time grower! I'd love to get some feedback from everyone and see how I'm doing. Strain: Unknown Stage: DAY 3 (Vegetative) Light: 200 watt Do they look healthy? Are there any tips you guys can give me?
  7. H


    what auto-flowering plants produces the most product? under 1000 watt lights.
  8. MRXC

    MRXC - Perpetual - Soil - LED/HPS - Mixed Grow

    :welcome: hi everybody i'm verry happy to start this new journal. i recently finisht my new cab and made sure every thing is oke. now that it is im stating new seeds. and will pick the best plant out of 3 to be my mini bonsai mom the others are going to be flowerd at that time so i can take...
  9. O

    Light change

    Sup 420 Today my ipower 300 watt LED light came. As of now I was using a 400 watt digital ballast with hps. Sence I'm in a small space humidity and some heat has been a problem. So I thought using a led would help with that. Was kind of hard to setup being my girl are kind of tall. For a 300...
  10. F

    23 days old from seed opinions needed please

    hi there i am new to the site and growing and just wanted to get some advice,input on my first grow. Seed: Bagseed Pot: clay 4-6"inch lighting: i had a 15=70 watt cflup until 2 days ago now i have a 42=200 watt Light cycle:18/06 medium: seery's multi purpose compst with added john innes...
  11. blackpaw

    Question about used LED lights

    Anyone have good luck with buying a used light from eBay or off craigs? More importantly, a used Mars Hydro LED. I have thrown myself into the fray of DIY/homebrew/MacGuyver/home MMJ growing. I went nuts and bought light after light until I realized I have no idea what I am doing. A pair of...
  12. B

    50 watt LED spotlight any good for growing?

    Okay so it's my first time growing and I'm not looking to grow a whole crop just a single plant to see how it goes. So will a 50 watt LED spotlight be any good? It has a color temp of 6500k and I'm attempting to grow Swazi gold. I guess i should add it's a powerful spotlight they use at the...
  13. J

    2'/3'/6' which MarsHydro LED

    hi everyone, i made the decision to go LED. i am currently running a 250watt HPS/MH in a 2' deep, 3' width and 6' high grow tent. i think the best LED lamp for my money would be the Reflector LED Grow Light 144x3W from MARS HYDRO. but the coverage is a bit bigger than what i have. would it be...
  14. M

    helping a noob, me!

    Hi there guys, I'm a new grower from Europe, atm it's my 3rd cycle and I have a few questions about my growing methods. Something is wrong for sure, but what? That's my situation: grow room: 40x40x140cm (1,3x1,3x4,5 ft) grow room; light: 1x150W HPS agro; growing medium: generic soil...
  15. A

    Ballast wattage and bulb wattage

    I am using a 400 watt bulb with a 1000 watt mh ballast. I have been trying to find an answer to my question and i have been getting different answers, the question i have is, does a 1000 watt ballast put out 1000 watt automatically or does the 400 watt bulb just draw 400 watts from it, what it...
  16. HealingKronic

    HealingKronic's Pure Kush 1000 Watt Grow

    well guys the economy could not keep me away for long! im back and i have one of the tastiest strains arouond. this time i have Pure Kush. now this strain is not a big yielder but the quality more than makes up for it! STRAIN: Pure Kush INDICA/SATIVA: Indica HOW MANY: 9 VEG/FLOWER: Vegging...
  17. Nesnarb

    2'x2.5'x3.5' Cab Ventilation/Lights Question?

    Hello everyone i plan on building a 2' deep 2.5' Wide and 3.5' Tall cabinet. I've decided to join the 150watt club. I'm going for the pc fan venting and I just picked up a 12volt 120mm fan that is rated for 69cfm that i plan to use for an active intake and to get the air moving around the lower...
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