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    Last night I bent her she has bounced back up .
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    Week into flower
  3. triumph2134

    The new guy

    Hello all! been a fan of a lot of your work for a while now and I wanted to introduce myself. Started growing a while back and came here for advice. Such a collective of people from all walks of life! Anyways I have some GSC going on week 3 veg. distilled water, Primordial Solutions...
  4. L

    A nutriment expert among us ? Compatibility between Topmax and Beta 23 ?

    Hi everyone ! I hope this one is a challenging one ahah. It is for me despite hours of reading so your input would be much needed and appreciated :) Here we go. The nutriments I use are: -part of the BIOBIZZ range (RootJuice, BioGrow, BioBloom, TopMax) -CANNAZYM I went to my local...
  5. S

    Right lads need som advice.

    Made a rookie mistake. I have a veg tent when're I take my baby's upto week 2 of flower and then move them to big tent. Well did this silly fucker not forget to put switch my lights back to 18-6 when I poped my next batch of seeds. They have just the first 2 leaves on them been a total of about...
  6. K

    Harvest Time Question

    I am looking for help in predicting the future growth and harvest time for my plants. I am just finishing my 8th week of flowering. For the purpose of me counting weeks, I considered flipping to 12/12 transition 24/7 light and 36 hours dark at the end the first week rather than the first week...
  7. D

    Light distance

    hi im trying to find the best distance for platinum led 400 + platinum 350 in 0.90*0.90 its look like till week 4-5 its can handle with even 12 cm distance and its make her be just awesome!!, but around week 6 problem start end im trying to find the lowest distance. or if there is any hour...
  8. F

    First Grow - DWC - Is this working out?

    Hi All, First grow here. Decided to go with DWC and have been pretty diligent with the upkeep of the grow. I did have a 2 week period where I had someone else taking care of the plant and the environment got a bit too cold, but looks like things have recovered. I'm getting a bit worried for...
  9. L

    I need to pass a drug test 13 days from now

    i haven't smoked in 8 days. i was a heavy smoker, just herb. although prior to those 8 days i used a wax pen for about 3 days. i have been taking niacin pills for two days and flushing my system with tons of water, green tea, gatorade, and cranberry juice. I've been running for 20-40 minutes...
  10. A

    Partial Harvest & Trichome Color

    Hi All, This is sort of a two part question, and I apologize if these have been asked/answered before! Today is day 50 of flower for my first try at growing (Super Lemon Haze, from seed). I have 4 girls in a 3x3 tent running a 150w LED by ALD Green in California. I know that may sound a...
  11. 1

    Too much light?

    Hello guys I'm very new to growing indoors. I have a question about lighting. I have a 3×3 Grow tent with king LED 3000 W and yes it's 3000w. I had 600w hPS in it until a week ago. My plants are about 2 feet tall and four weeks into flowearing. Will this be a problem ???
  12. G

    Any advice?

    2 questions if anyone can help... Due to the light being too close to the top of the main colas they have been affected by fox tailing and no trichomes and sun bleached leaves Q.1 The fox tailing seems like its never going to mature turn amber or solidify ..its near week 10 on a 9 week...
  13. D

    Using Lucas Formula Having Nitrogen Deficiency

    Hi, using Gh Lucas Formula. days of grow every thing look great, im more then 2 weeks trying to solve this Nitrogen Deficiency (now week 4 bloom) i add in the last 2 weeks 7-10 ml pr liter of G but down leaves keep yellow. water out ph is 6.5 growing in coco (led light, tempeture etc is...
  14. Don Logan

    Big Bomb Auto Fem

    Grow Space: 2.5ft x 2.5ft Light: 400w Vipaspectra Medium: 20% perlite - 40% coco coir - 20% compost - 20% regular soil Pot size: 3gal Nutrients: 50% regular grow (seriously, don't be a hero with the nutes) Problems: Humidity (tranistioning seasons) & Gnats (take them serious in the seedling...
  15. L

    Gorilla Glue & Blueberry Twist Grow Series

    Okay here goes the next run. I got 2 of the 5 seeds I ordered germinated already and we are almost at the end of week 2 of germination. Sorry I'm starting off a little late in the game but I figured the first week or so would be pretty boring anyway. We are Kicking off this new grow with...
  16. bipolar

    Clones On Day 9

    I planted these clones on December 5th they don't have any roots yet. I am hoping they are ready to plant in a week or so. The last batch failed to grow roots. I followed this guide: How to clone in rock wool Once they are rooted can I put them in the deep water system and put them under a...
  17. Ron Strider

    MA: Special Event Licenses, Home Delivery, Marijuana Restrictions Debated

    The first day of policy debate among state marijuana regulators indicated that the Cannabis Control Commission is working towards industry regulations that would give consumers more options for how they obtain marijuana and where they will be able to use it. The commission on Monday worked...
  18. ckenney82

    White Widow Autoflower Grow Journal

    Resources: Humboldt Nutrients Growers Lounge Marijuana Seeds Canada - Buy Cannabis Seeds For Sale - Crop King This is my first grow ever. I cant guage ppm or lux. Type: Indoor / Outdoor Growing: Easy Flowering Time: 8 Weeks Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica Effect: Strong High THC...
  19. K.puff&stuff

    How long

    Hi Guys I have a small question after curing the plant in mason jar meaning i burp hem for 3 weeks first week open up jar for 10 minutes 3 times a day first week . second week open the jar 2 time a day for 10 minutes. 3 weeks open jar once a day for 10 minutes. after all that is done how long...
  20. G

    Revolutionary stretch method or just a screwup?

    Two weeks back I had an accident in the room where I keep my two WW, the heater and light fuse had blown and my growtent had freezing temperatures. This was in 3rd week of flower (after changing to 12/12) The plants got 23 hours of darkness and temps gradually dropping down form 18C to 0,5C...
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