1. PALLO

    Hi everyone

    My name is Mark I'm in my 30s, Father, Husband, etc... I guess I'm kind of unique because I don't smoke anymore myself (since 2012). But, I do advocate for cannabis and the legalization of it. My state finally made it legal recreational so its really exciting to see the communities and sub...
  2. Peppers

    A big what's up to all 420 people

    Hi all Peppers here just wanted to introduce myself and say hi . I've started a diy gbox thread drop in for a look and feel free to hit me with the tips , tricks and knowledge . All welcome updates will be slow to start with but I will upde pics and info as I go . This will be a micro grow in a...
  3. SwAggNiFiCeNt

    Critical Kush - First Time Grow - Coco Coir

    Hello everyone:welcome: and welcome along my first and surely not my last adventure. This being my first time, i'd like to welcome everyone to give advice, hints, pointers, thoughts, anything at all is always welcome, wanted and appreciated. Strain is femenized "Critical Kush" from Dinafem...
  4. C

    Greetings From The Emerald Triangle

    I started my journey many years ago when I smoked my first real joint back in the 70s in 8th grade. Back then every bag came with SEEDS! I lived in rural upstate NY with a very short growing season and most of the weed was long season sativa coming from Columbia and Mexico. So it would not...
  5. Gardenseed

    Post Your Best Afghani Picture

    Members welcome to post pictures of Afghani. Welcome and enjoy. Here is a few of mine.
  6. J

    Generally new to the game

    Second grow under cfl lights opinions welcome
  7. R

    Auto Pounder! First time grower! Advice welcome!

    How do I post my pics? I have taken them every week! This is my first grow all advice welcome!
  8. Cola Monster

    Cola Monster's 2017 Prop. 215 Legal Indoor Breeding Project

    Welcome one and all to my short and to the point indoor breeding project where I'll be attempting to create a new batch of seeds by crossing a male Jilly Bean plant (Space Queen x Orange Velvet) with my previous mixes of Grand Daddy Purple that I came up with around eight years back.:MoreNutes...
  9. Jarimuana

    Jari's Secret Garden

    Hello and Welcome! If you are reading this I am already dead... ...dead excited! Hi Guys! Jari here with the promised perpetual garden. I started this monster project at the end of January but I've posted almost no news about it since starting so we've got a lot to talk about! :welcome...
  10. Greenfox

    A wild greenfox appeared! High guys

    Hey everyone! Just starting out with growing as a hobby and a potential business option. I live in California and grow primarily indoors. Looking to rub elbows and green thumbs with other growers both virtual and in person. Look forward to hear from you all and posting some great threads!
  11. B

    Thanks for the welcome

    My name is Badger It's my pleasure being part of the group, thanks for the welcome.
  12. P

    Welcome everyone

    Basic closet grow. 2 ft x 7 ft Lighting: 3x 300 Galaxy hydro 1x 300 Mars hydro 1x 600 King plus Soil. Ffof w/ extra perlite Seeds. Green crack Syrup Cotton candy cane Ak47 Plus about 6 freebies I only plan on growing 4-5 , each plant will have its own light. Any advice would be...
  13. R

    Help!! First time grower and I'm having some problems on my leaves!

    :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: Hi guys, first post so I'm sorry and i will delete it if im in the wrong section. As said on the title, this is my first time growing and im having a problem with my leaves. it started out with some small white/yellow spots (as you can see on my first...
  14. BonzaSeedBank

    Welcome August & Welcome A New Sale From Bonza Seeds!

    August is here and with that comes a new sale and freebies. Check out our huge selection of strains! We ship discreet and we are a pick and choose seed bank. You won't be disappointed! FREE cannabis seeds - See the latest Bonza Seedbank promotions here
  15. C

    Welcome To My Adventure

    Hello 420 peeps country grower here. Welcome to my first ever grow journal. This grow is HEAVYWEIGHT FAST AND VAST + DINAFEM ROADRUNNER both auto flowering. Its not legal to grow here (uk) Ive forgot the actual plant date but i sprouted the seeds end of april and they went in soil wen...
  16. C

    First Time Growing - Single Plant - Hydro System with CFLs

    What strain is it? Platinum Bubba Kush Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica What percentages? Unknown Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Vegatative If in Veg... For how long? 21 Days Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro?Hydro Size of light? (6) 23 watt CFL's + (2) 60 watt equivalent LED bulbs Is...
  17. K

    How is the Plant of the Month chosen?

    hi there Gs! im new here, but for future grows i'd love to participate and maybe be selected for the plant of the month or other contests... i'll just leave here my dank buds! c; Let me invite you to my little garden... :welcome: My First Grow Room :Namaste:
  18. JollyPotta

    Hi everyone! I'm starting my very first grow in a few days! Guidance please!

    Hi everyone! So I'm starting my very first grow in a few days! (very excited :) I bought a grow kit ebay jobby which consists of a 600W HPS, extractor fan and carbon filter. Pretty standard! I also purchased a little cooling fan. In addition I also purchased biobizz grow/bloom and topmax, PH...
  19. Y

    RH problem - Please help - Seedlings struggling!

    I am attempting to grow for the second time, but feel my environment is just not conducive. My RH runs in the low 30s and temps in the low to mid 70s. Seedlings are really not growing well at all. See pics...any advice is welcome. I plan to buy a humidifier...will it help enough or should I...
  20. CheWu

    Journal - Lemon Skunk - Grow Help & Tips Needed & Welcome

    kk guys, so this is our second grow. also, we are trying LST for the first time and it's working out great. recently we had a minor incident, but i'll get to that. in the meantime, this is their room: red marks the main branch.
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