1. J

    New growth vying?

    Basically, I have an outdoor plant here in Australia that’s been vegging for almost 7 months. It’s gone so well, grown in my balcony alongside 3 others (which are doing great?) same soil, coco and potting mix, same food and watering schedule and everything. Last week I woke up one morning to...
  2. A

    DWC problem - Why do my plants look like this

    My plants are 15 days old. I'm using dwc and haven't started nutrients yet. I'm using jiffy pellet as my medium. pH around 6.0-6.5, 18 on and 6 off light schedule. What is going on with these girls????????
  3. C

    Why Does F1 Hybrid Vigour Occur?

    Hello Denizens, I find this whole topic of F1 Hybrid Vigour, particularly interesting. I understand what F1 Hybrid Vigour is, as a description of its effect. And I understand under what circumstances it will happen. What i don't understand, is 'why' ? Why does F1 Hybrid Vigour occur ? The...
  4. B

    Licensing & Citizenship

    Hello folks.. this is my first post here I live in a country where consumption and plantation both are illegal. I wanted to know if there are any countries which give out licenses for plantation of Weed (Both Recreational and Medical purposes) and also that a non resident can acquire that...
  5. D

    Tiny auto fem

    Why did this plant never branch out? Why is it so small after 4 months?
  6. T

    Diagnosis please - Suggestions needed

    These 3 plants were grown on the south side of a house in 80-100 degree weather, the owner watered morning and nights, (maybe over watered), planted in Happy Frog, they are about 8 feet and above and still growing, i am curious why the yellowing leaves and help is appreciated on what i can do...
  7. gr0w


    sitting around the house on a Lazy Friday off work and was Just Curious, With there being so many types and configurations of Hydroponic Growing. What is everyones favorite style of hydroponics? and why? Pros and Cons. (cost, maintenance, time away, harvest time, yield ect) from DWC...
  8. A

    What can cause plants to suddenly wilt in hydro?

    The night before, everything is fine.and i plus some ph down and purning 2 little small buds in the button. just a normal day.and at "9week floering" All leaf is drop and branch is Sagging by one night. I have no clue why this previously healthy plant is doing this. All my equipment...
  9. Skullman420

    A question about modern strains and why they breed for such low CBD levels

    If you take a look at most modern strains, CBD levels are so low it's almost like they try to breed it out of the plant alltogether. I keep wondering why? Is it the only way you can raise THC to the insane levels some of the modern strains have or is there another reason? I mean CBD doesn't harm...
  10. lazyfish

    Why 420?

    Why do we commemorate 420? What does 420 mean to you? :Love:
  11. steppedinds

    Why is there no sub-forum for Ebb & Flow

    I see a sub-forum for DWC and Aeroponics, but not for E/F? For why? I know I can always use the search feature, but a sub-forum for it would be nice, plz and ty :thanks:
  12. P

    Why start in small pots?

    Hey guys this might sound like a stupid question but why start in (for example) cups and then transfer over? Can you just start in your big pot. Im not being lazy i just wondered if transferring them may shock/slow growth and if so why not just start in the big pot? Cheers guys
  13. Gauge Steel

    When you smoke with your girl what strain do you like her to smoke and why?

    When you and your lady are spending time together, what strain do you like her to smoke and why? Planning my next grow and want a little input from my 420 buds. Guage
  14. 7

    Why keep mothers and clones seperate?

    [/FONT I was told that i should have my mothers seperate in another room from the clones. Is this true and why? Please help!
  15. gbauto

    And You Wonder Why Change Isn't Happening

    Dear Gary, Thank you for contacting to express your support for efforts to legalize marijuana. I appreciate your thoughts on this issue. While I understand your arguments, I do not believe that legalizing marijuana would improve the illegal drug situation already facing our state and...
  16. Jorgie Nuggz

    Skunky smelling plant - Why one and not the others?

    I have a question! Of the four plants, there's one that has this pungent, skunky smell and the other three smell like a regular plant with that chlorophyll scent. Any ideas why the one smells different than the others and they're all in veg state and are all the same and the same age. Plant...
  17. T

    Afghani grow Xmas seed - Why not

    planted xmas day came up before new years flipped 9-10 days ago feb 8th i believe
  18. S

    Why No USA Credit Cards?

    I was getting ready to put an order together from Herbies and noticed they no longer accept credit cards so I decided to search other seed banks and found a lot of banks aren't taking USA cards anymore. Does anyone happen to know why? I know this is old news, but I'm just now reading about...
  19. Katelyn Baker

    The Late John Trudell Explains Why We Need Hemp Now

    The time for hemp is now, and the return to this sustainable, healthy, and common sense crop is already underway. Since 1937, hemp has been prohibited by the federal government, however in recent years, a handful of U.S. states have moved to permit government regulated hemp production. Most...
  20. A

    Please help - What's my plant prob? I'm a beginner

    hi, i have one plant around 20 day from seed but i want to know why plant its small i dont know this plant genetics, plant grow 1 week with cfl and another days with 50watt led cheapset red/blue ,please help me tnx all... its too short i dont know why!
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