When you smoke with your girl what strain do you like her to smoke and why?

Thanks for your info. My wife does not imbibe on a regular basis. As a gentleman i give her a selection and let her decide. I have at best only three strains at a time on hand, and she has told me she likes the characteristics of the Sativa hybrids. I figure i could put this question out there and see what other couples have experienced.

Green Crack and Durbin Poison are good upbeat highs. I stay away from Dark Devil, as it makes me anxious. Nis loves it and it helps to relax his mind while giving him an added boost of energy. A lot of smoking comes with a trial and error stage, so trying different strains will help lead to what works best for both of you.

You have great choices in strains.
Green crack might be a little much for someone that doesn't normally smoke though? :p

...be nice because...In the end, aren't we all just flower growers?
Cookies & Dream and L.A. Confidential, try and you will LOVE WHY...

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