Grandpa's Second Try - Come Join Us!

Tent & Light;
Mars Hydro 3 and 1/2 x 3 and 1/2 x 6 ft 10th & Mars Hydro 300w LED

Grow medium;
FFOF plus 10% per volume added Perlite

Earth Juice Grow, Earth Juice Micro Blast and Earth Juice Bloom


The girls will be in 3 gallon fabric pots. The fans are... 4 inch clip on fan in the middle to provide them with a little breeze and a 4-inch inline fan 4 exhaust.

Okay everybody... It's time to start the second Journal and see if we can do a little better. I know I am going into this with a much better plan. For those of you from the last grow, I am still waiting on the final delivery of our stuff. We also have to clean out the tent.
Judging from all that I learned on the last grow without asking the real pertinent questions, be ready for a lot of pics and a lot more questions. Everybody joining This Journal that did not follow my last one... Please consider yourselves welcome, speak up when you wish, and take a comfortable chair and help yourself to the cold cokes and we cheesy poofs.

Even though the seeds have not been planted yet, I will update this thread as things occur. Kelley and I hope and pray you enjoy the journey. God bless, everybody!
Re: Grandpa's second try... Come join us!

/me grabs a chair.
/me passes cheese puffs (sorry no poofs handy)

2 Questions:
a) What do you have on order\planning to sprout?

b) FFOF - If you find cutting FFOF with perlite at 10% or so was good move from past grow or reading up? Is that a good amount?

I only ask cause I cut mine about 75%FF-OF 10%FF-HF and 15% MG-perlite. As for why... giggle ...tried to combine and offset a little bit of everything I was reading, that FFOF can alone tend to be a little on the 'hot' side, and hold a little water more than others (even though it's supposedly good soil otherwise) and FFHF was little less hot, and that both could use some extra perlite. Also cause I had all 3 on-hand so I figured why not. I'm just wondering actually if I added enough perlite for 5 gallon plastic pots, where as you smartly have fabric\grow bags.
OG... positive is the way to go! You can either learn from and enjoy an experience, or you can stress out and not enjoy the entire thing. Thank you for commenting on the prep. As usual, you were 100% correct on a 10-15% mix per volume of extra Perlite. In my reading on soil, this is rather universally accepted as necessary using this particular soil. Welcome Inn, you get one of these comfy chairs, and your own fridge of Coke and bags of cheesy poofs.
UA..I'm glad you got here. Obviously, you just add to the all-star lineup..

NH...welcome! Glad you decided to join us. Stay tuned, as this will be a interesting and entertaining journey, I believe. Now, to your questions.
1. All the seeds I need are here already. Thanks to Ogg, and two or three other members, I was able to get access to some beans that I wouldn't have otherwise. As far as for what I am going to pop... At this point the decision is still being made. As soon as I know, everybody here will know.

2. What I found out about the additional perlite, OG, who posted above, gave me that bit of information initially when I was setting up and planning this second grow. In reading up on this particular soil and reading reviews and papers on it, 10 - 15% extra by volume is universally recommended. For example... If you have one cubic foot of FFOF, you would need to add about three two four quarts of the perlite. Once you have that mixed to a good, even consistency, then just fill your pots with the mixture. I can't say this for 100% sure, but I have read and have been told that when you fill those pots, you fill them to the top, and then compact it down halfway, then fill it again and repeat the process until you have the level in the soil that you want. I hope that helps you answer your question.

Right now, we are waiting on delivery of the fan, pots, nutes and an aquarium pump I found that also includes the tubing and airstones. While we're waiting, the tent will get a good scrub down using a 25% solution of bleach in water. We want all of our ducks in a row before we actually put any seeds in the pots.
I wouldn't miss this for the world Grandpa (finds a chair in the corner):popcorn:...Both you and Kelley have the spirit to knock this grow out of the park and you both gained a lot of valuable knowledge from the last grow!

Judging from all of the chairs that are already filled, if and when you have a question or issue you will have a great team of specialists to advise both of you.:idea:

Wishing you both the best of luck!:goodluck:

Good Monday, everyone! As you all noticed, I'm sure... I received a private message from IT. That message offered us a Mars Hydro 300w light that he no longer needs! Once again, this shows how truly awesome the people are on 420 mag! IT... we want to thank you publicly for this kind and generous offer. You have now joined the circle of truly awesome people and our book, and in my opinion, everyone else's as well. How awesome is this, everyone?!
OT...amen! So glad you made it in and you are more than welcome! I can't see how things couldn't turn out better than the last one. Thanks to you and everyone else that has provided advice and also supplies... It'll just have to turn out a lot more productive. Enjoy the show, I am so looking forward to getting started. Unfortunately, the pots will not be here until the 13th so we have to wait at least that long.
Just got a text notification that the Earth Juice nutes will be here today. I have a sneaky suspicion everything will actually be here by tomorrow according to tracking info for each item. Woohoo! Maybe we can start earlier than I thought. Kelley and I will probably go through our beans and try to decide which to go with. When we finish, you guys will know what the strains will be. They will definitely be autos.
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