1. S

    Nutrient deficient?

    Hi all, this plant is on day 18 and looked to be going strong up until this point however I am noticing growth that doesn't seem right. First image shows the issue and second and third image shows different plants under the exact same conditions and feed. Strain- velvet moon Age- currently...
  2. S

    Dark green seedling, yellowing on the other

    I am in happy frog soil in mars hydro 4x4 tent with mh tsw 2000 300 watt led light 25 percent at 24 inches. I did use some dynonyco micorrhizal sprinkled into the hold before planting as well as watering with it. It seems like plant is decently healthy can tug on it lightly and still stays...
  3. B

    Day 14, seedlings are slow-growing and cotyledons are looking unhappy: Help?

    Hi all, This is my first post and my first grow. I have 4 seedlings of Special Queen #1. Seeds were germinated by paper towel method. Due to a lack of light, some strecthing was occuring during first week of growth. A few days ago I transplanted the seedlings into larger pots, burying part of...
  4. ren7o

    Stunted grow, green veins, burned tips: diagnose please?

    Anybody know what is happening?
  5. FlyingW

    Any Ideas?

    I'm running dwc and starting week 5 of flower. Any idea what might happening to the leaves? Thanks. Ph 5.7, water temp 68 degrees, room temp 78 degrees,
  6. D

    Problems with clones, overwatered?

    I dont know whats wrong with my clones. they are growing in 11l pots with light mix. Room temps nigh 24c, day 26c. Humudity 40%. they are growing for 8 days. Before i puted clones in soil they were nice dark green, then after 3 day they started to yellow. I give them EC 1.0 and ph 5.8 . And...
  7. Z

    Leafs curling and yellow spots

    Hello I am growing some northern lights. This is my second grow. I started to notice some weird leaf curling and yellowing around the 4th-5 week of veg. I just added some calmag as of posting this thread to see if it would help. Just looking for some help/advice. My setup and info: 4x4 grow...
  8. Gnomex26

    Random yellowing started today?

    Hey guys, so before work i checked water and realized i needed to water, but when i came home 10 hours later i realized some of my very healthy plants have started blotchy yellowing to a few leaves underneath being full yellow. I am freaking out cause i have spent so much time to have issues...
  9. T

    First grow yellowing seedling

    My northern light seedling started to yellow on day 5 (counted from when came out from the soil) and now (day 9) she has a few brown dots on the first pair of true leaves. What could be the cause? Ph 6.7/6.9 50w 6500k led light at 4" from the top of the plant day temp: 80 Growing medium: soil...
  10. U

    GSC Auto - New & old growth yellow spots & holes? Help!

    Hey guys, 1st post and in need of some advice/help diagnosing this issue. I havent run into this before and have done some research but cant quite put my finger on what is going on. I have 5 Autos growing indoors/tent, running a 24/0 light cycle, using coco/perelite mix (70-30) and General Hydro...
  11. M

    Yellowing leaves?

    This will be my third small batch of plants, and the first 2 were very successful. This time, my plants have yellowing at the leaf tips and along the very edges of the leaves. I know it must be a nutrient deficiency, as lighting and airflow are the same as the ones I have grown before. I am...
  12. C

    Not a normal yellowing issue - Please give opinions

    First time poster here so please do not be gentle. Be blunt and be honest. about 2 weeks ago my Thai plant started getting yellow leaves all throughout the tree. But this yellowing does not seem to be deficiency related and seems to be more of a very beautiful golden color but it has me...
  13. C

    What's causing this?

    I have some sappy sour x2 17 days into flower. I have some yellowing tips around one of my kolas. Yellowing and dying bottom leaves and some weird stuff going on on some other leaves. Pretty new to growing this is my first from seed plants. Pics in replys
  14. GDTG

    No yellowing of leaves during harvest

    Hey guys am I doing something wrong I'm on my last week of flush and my leafs aren't yellowing my trichomes are like 70% milky and 30% amber
  15. S

    Leaf Problems

    Hi, I have a Green Crack plant (indica dominant strain from Crop King Seeds) that is in its third week of flowering. It has something going on with its leaves. The lower ones are yellowing, "scabby", and shrivelling up. The rest of the leaves have tiny clear specks on them. Anyone know what...
  16. C

    Leaves turning yellow and dying - A cry for help

    Okay so, I've 2 months in with a light pattern of 18/6 with a 600w MH setup. Im monitoring the ph of the water and using natural spring water. But still, yellowing and burning at the tips. I keep light around 16"- 18" away. I gave it cal-mag for the last 2 weeks using it once every two waterings...
  17. S

    Redness - Black Spots - Yellowing - Help!

    I have been searching on line and am thinking it might be due to potassium or possible magnesium. About a month ago I noticed black spots on about 3 of the bottom fan leaves, the next day the spots were on about 5-6 fan leaves and I cut them off. When I woke up and checked on her there are...
  18. agrlhasnoname

    Have questions - Leaves yellowing

    Hello all, I am new here so im not sure if i am doing this right but here goes.. I am new to growing and I was given 2 MOB clones, I have them in 5 gallon fabric type containers. They are already flowering and have grown quite a lot but some leaves at the bottom are yellowing and now it is...
  19. LadyGaea

    Yellowing leaves with browning on tips well into flower...advice please?

    Good morning! Having a problem I hope someone with more experience can assist with. I am growing several sativa/indica hybrids which are all displaying the same issue. Yellowing fan leaves and browning tips. Not a lot but enough for concern. They are in 5 gallon cloth pots with Fox Farm Ocean...
  20. E

    Health Check Please - Brown Tips - Yellowing - Drooping

    Hi All, I'm on day 21 since planting seeds. My grow journal is here: Everson's First Grow - Indoor Soil - Strawberry Kush - Pineapple Haze - Blueberry I may have given nutes too soon. I was noticing a little bit of yellowing, so I gave a very weak feeding last Sunday. Jack's classic at...
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