1 of 4 Plants getting to big


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Whats up everybody. Im working on my first grow.
I got 4 Blackwater plants growing in my closet, and everything is going good. The only problem I am having is that 1 of my babys (i named her mila) is growing about 2x faster than the other 3.
Im only 2 weeks into veging, and Mila is getting to the height where i might have to switch her to Flower soon, their is no other space i can put her. I dont want to Flower, because the other 3 or too small.
Is their a simple way i can stunt her growth a bit without causing any problems?

Thanks for the help.:peace:
Hey my man why don't You try your hands at some LSTing.....and tie them down and about.....or you could just top her too...that's the easiest solution I'd say....it could be a male plant also...you'll soon find out...word..:peace:
What is LSTing?
Also, they were clones so they should be fem.
Its weird because she is in the same conditions as the other 3, so im not sure why shes growing so much faster than the others.
Low Stress Training. You tie the top of the plant down. When I used to do it I used gardening tape (green rubbery tape, Walmart, Home Depot) and tied to a hole i drilled in the lip of the bucket. Doing so messes with the hormones and stimulates growth of the lower branches.

I just top now. CannaVince is right, way easier. If you go this route, clone the top that you cut and preserve the best growing plant you have.

I just tried topping. I took a few inches off, and i'm attempting to clone the top!
First time for both, so if at least one of these 2 lives, i'll be happy!

Thanks for the help!
my camera is dead, so no pics as of yet.. but for sure when it charges up, so probably in a day or two..
how long after you top a plant does it start growth up their again?

thanks for the help agian, this board is awesome with that!
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