1 super lemon haze


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just wondering if 2x 30 watt cfls and 1x 46 watt cfl will be sufficent enough to flower my one super lemone haze she just went into flower at about 2ft

the 30 watt cfls are 1700 lumens each and 2700k

the 46 watt cfl is 2300 lumens and 2700k

is this sufficent for a 4 foot high 3 foot wide enclosure ??
more is better, you are pretty much bottom of the spectrum as far as how much light goes.

what i would do, put the 46 watt on top of the plant, and grab 2 more 30 watters, then put them around the plant about a foot down from the tip of the plant in a square like pattern.

this will give you a nice big main cola, and your lower branches will probably stretch up a little closer to the lower lights and probably produce some decent buds.
well took your advice iv tied her down and gave her a lil trim for the best light exposure all looks good av lowered a few of the lights down the side of were the main cola will be
will do its only small but shes doin pretty good in my eyes there is a few pics on my gallary but have a few more to put on in the next few days
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