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1'st Grow, Blue dream, Medi bud, Luna Haze pics!


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I have a thread going in the "Grow Journals" area but i wanted to just throw some pics up here and maybe get some feedback. Thanks again everyone here for the great advice and tips. Looking forward to futher grows wih the 420mag crew!

"Sorry about the quality of the pics. I take them all at night so its just a green light that i rely on to accent at least a lil quality"

Blue Dream that is all ready for the next cycle just chillin in veg:

These are pics of the "Medi Bud" I really enjoy this strains structure and consistency as well as tolerance! (They have about 3 weeks to go from these pictures)


A more spread out view:

Here are a couple tops as well:


Here is my "Luna Lady" she will be the only girl in there in about 3 weeks after i harvest all the medi bud. I want to give her a great space to grow in.
(She is catching some Zzzzz's in this pic) I hope to see her flourish amazingly

Thanks again,


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Thanks Captain, the luna is a super lanky lady for sure:) Luckily i have about another roughly 3 feet to raise my light. Im planning on just having her in there alone for the extra month or so she needs. So im going to try and spread her out as much as possible and see what shes got. Thanks again. Should have more pics in about 3 days.
Peace an love,
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