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1st indoor concerns


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Hi all,
Been snooping around these forums for a while and this seems like the​ best of the lot so here I am with a couple of questions I'm sure someone here can help with.
Been growing guerrilla outdoor for a while but recently set up indoor tent as I've had to relocate to a colder area. Currently running a 1mx1m with 2 UK cheese in 19L(7 gal) smart pots with Coco/perlite, under 400w MH planning to scrog. They're going incredibly well. I topped the 5th true set 2 weeks ago under advice and they just exploded with growth. At a month from seed they have thumb thick stems and pencil thick branches at every node, and those branches are branching now.
My questions are does anyone know how much stretch I can expect with cheese? How full should the screen be before I switch to flower? And with space a concern would I be better doing just one in this tent?
Any tips are much appreciated.
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