200 Celebrities/Famous People Who Smoke Pot

I didn't notice Abraham Lincoln mentioned yet. In a famous quote by him, he said: "Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica."
also george washington, justin timberlake, sean parker and yes even our beautiful jennifer lawrence enjoys cannabis.
I could probably name another 1000 people who are famous who smoke pot or have...
in no specific order...

1) Robin Williams
2) Owen Wilson
3) Seth Green
3) Vince Vaughn
4) Dr. Dre ( I mean your gonna mention Eminem and Snoop but not Dre? )
5) Dane Cook
6) Jesus (documented in the bible, never actually read it though, heard it was a great fiction novel)
7) Moses was smoking some shit when he parted the sea! (again in the novel)
8) Kane killed Able because he stole his stash! (you know its true, they were farmers, in the novel)
9) Ghandi (obviously)
10) Ashton Kucher (may have spelled it wrong but don't give a fuck)
11) Me &... I'm not going to name 1000 fortunately but you get my meaning

Pretty much everyone has or does smoke pot. The only exception could and should be the pope... only because the bubble doesn't have adequate ventilation!

I think the original post "forgot about Dre".
I love bill maher and real time. One thing kinda bothered me on last week REAL TIME was he mentioned marijuana as a medicine as a tongue in cheek comment as if to say that was just an excuse to get high. Come on Bill - I am 66 been getting high for much of my life and with the maladies we older folks begin to deal with as we age I find a great deal of relief when I use marijuana. Not to mention a total change in mood. I can be stressed over an issue, take a few hits and the stress is gone within a few minutes. Mj keeps me in check and mostly pain free when I do get high. Sorry I just realized I'm preaching to the choir.
Whoopi has developed her own strains (probably had a pro do it for her) she wanted a strain to deal with her awful PMS, she wanted to develop a female-centric strain for 'womens issues'. Fantastic advocate for MC.
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