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2009 Global Marijuana March - May 2nd 2009


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Any Chicagoland tokers making the March? I know I am!!!!:goodjob:


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may 2 is all most here still no info need help please don't want to let it pass:cool027::cool027::cool027:

Hello. Please see my previous reply to you. The very latest info for Syracuse is in the detailed "City list" section of
Global Marijuana March 2009 - WeedWiki

There is a Syracuse phone number there. If you get any more info please help others by sending it in to Dana Beal. He will add it to the detailed city list.

His phone number and email address is on that 2009 page in a couple places. See the New York City info.

Jim Finnel

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i've really got to say i'm very disappointed in the way this important event is being organized, if it is at all. i've spent alota time searching for specific details and its hard to find any. my advise is to look for a norml chapter near you and ask them for the details or if you see your city on the list then just head downtown near govt buildings and you'll probably find it. follow your nose.

i can't even find a norml chapter in georgia.

i really appreciate you members helping out with this.


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Central organization consists of Dana Beal, the Oslo people, and me. I use the word "organization" loosely. :)

Here is an updated Atlanta GMM 2009 web site:
Atlanta Marijuana March

The other web site
C.A.M.P. - Coalition for the Abolition of Marijuana Prohibition

has no info on GMM 2009.

I copy the emailed Dana Beal city list and post it to the Cannabis.wikia.com web site:

The Dana Beal city list is only as good as what people send in to him. The Oslo, Norway people put out the GlobalMarijuanaMarch.org city list:
2009 Global Marijuana March

You can search for "Georgia" on that page. It has three 2009 cities in Georgia:

Georgia info:
Atlanta, Georgia, USA - WeedWiki
Savannah, Georgia, USA - WeedWiki
Athens, Georgia, USA - WeedWiki

Feel free to add more info to those pages. I just updated the Athens, Georgia page with info about an April 20 event. I found the info at the Athens NORML site:
Prohibition News - UGA NORML

NORML chapters worldwide:
NORML.org - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws - NORML.org - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws
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:cheer: Tomorrows the big day :cheer:

Borrowed some material from the net, modified to suit, wanted to share in case anyone still needed a sign. Two-sides



Jim Finnel

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i'm not going to be able to take part. i can't find anyone to go with me and i'm not able to physically do it alone. so would you guys please take some pictures/vids and post some reports on the day so i can attend vicariously through you? thanks in advance :cool:


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Nashville, TN!!
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