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$25,000 Worth of Marijuana Uncovered

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Grayson County deputies are calling it one of the largest drug busts in years. An alleged drug-dealing dad is arrested after authorities say they found more than 25 pounds of marijuana inside his home.

On the street, the marijuana could sell for $25,000. Investigators found those bags and $14,000 in cash locked in a gun safe in a home on Calais Street in Sherman.

A tip lead them to conduct surveillance on the home and seek an arrest warrant for 27-year-old Robert Godwin. Deputies made the arrest Friday night. When they entered the home Godwin was holding his 18-month-old daughter and authorities say had been in the process of weighing and packaging marijuana.

Godwin lives at his parents home. His parents showed up later that night, after taking Godwin's other five-year old daughter to the Sherman Christmas parade. Sheriff Gary says it's upsetting that parents and grandparents could raise children in this environment.

"I guess the thing that bothers me the most is there were two small children involved with this drug activity going on. Also, it's hard to understand how parents and grandparents, in this case, could allow for such a thing like this to go on also."

Godwin was arrested Friday and is being charged with possession of marijuana over five pounds in a drug-free zone. He lives just a few blocks of Dillingham School. He is already out on a $25,000 bond.

Both children were taken into Child Protective Services.

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I know where you are coming from, but to have your kids around that much weed, in a selling environment is putting them in serious danger. Some punk comes in and starts shooting everyone to steal the stash, and the kids are in the middle. I am all about legalization, because that would stop the violence that occurs now. But until then, there is always the danger of a pissed off client, a greedy basterd, or just a dumbass trying to get somthing for nothing. God forbid he shoots at the owner, the bullets go through some walls and kill your kids. Not for all the money in the world.


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:3:It's another stupid, greedy situation that happens in this stupid-ass war on drugs that is a cover story for the privateering that the self titled moral people perpetuate on a lame ass public that will take a kick in the nuts for a lie prohibitionist have created.

I've sat by and watched American jerks take a butt load of crap from an unfeeling administration for most of my life. but those children were put in danger by gun totting guys who pack to give themselves a sense of worth that by choice they lack.

The war on drugs has achieved nothing, if anything it is worse.

Legallize drugs, regulate drugs, save society, save the world by evolving into what you are capable of, intelligent compassion.:cool027:

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