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this site rocks,
read n putting on my socks
gotta go for the day,
come home and play,
at 420 Magazine,
clean my weed, take out the beans
read and reply,
im getting high,
sayn my rymes
at 420 times
what do i do
but sit and be glued.
learning how to cook with it
cuz im sick of the same ol shit
so i learn something new
cuz i didnt have a clue
all the things i could do.
all the typing games to play,
just for the stoners way.
smiling hippies on the right,
here there is no fight.
420's on my pic, glad i got it there
so now i can share
that im a stoner
and not a boner
same as you,
no day is blue
its always green,
i think i seen,
my bowl go out,
no worries ill not pout.
ill read a thread
post a reply and go to bed.
can you write one for 420 magazine?


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great one!!


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Thats tight.
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