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Keith Lake

Human Resources
420 Staff
After much feedback from our valued members, 420 Magazine is pleased to announce it's new sub-forum 420 Guidelines. This new forum was created to provide our members with a more detailed explanation of the reasoning behind our site's rules. Over the years we've invested many hours developing the guidelines for our community and even more explaining them to our valued members.

From time to time we've needed to modify our stance based on the ever changing law, political climate, and member feedback. Our philosophy in this area has been to establish methods that support our Mission and to restrict areas that distract or detract.

We ask any/all members who've received a courtesy notification about an edited or deleted post to please first consider that our intention is to edit with the lightest hand possible that restores conformance with our guidelines.

We are open to discussion, but we ask for feedback solely via Private Message. This keeps any drama to a minimum, and avoids search engine hits on the exact content we're trying to keep off the public boards.

Thanks for your participation and understanding ;)
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