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A heat tolerant strain


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I'm looking for a strain that is well known for easily tolerating hot and humid conditions. I've improved on the climate in the basement but when we hit the upper 80s I just cant keep it cool enough down there. I wanna be ready for next summer with plants that can handle the temp spikes. Suggestions would be very much appreciated
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Couple different ways you could handle it. Sativa strains will naturally be more tolerant to heat and humidity. You could also run co2 which would allow you to run higher temps. When running higher temps, you want a higher humidity to maintain vpd. You can also use silica to build the plants heat tolerance.
The biggest issue imo, is going to be the humidity during your lights off cycle. That is where you can develop mold/budrot issues down the line.


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There is a site called seedfinder. They have tons of info and ways to access that info. I would check there and narrow the search engine to strain that can take high heat.

I use this site regularly when picking strains for my next grow.


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Hey man. So Durban is pretty much mold proof in my experience..the real ones anyway. And any of the sativa from hot humid climates would probably do pretty well. Can't help with hybrids unfortunately as I don't really grow many. But I've never had any issue with mold on Durban, even through winter outside they still produce. Good luck
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