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Autoflower Average Yield amount Reference Chart...


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:welcome: Everyone!

I would like to start a thread about finding out what different autoflower strains produce yield wise.
My theory is, and if all goes well, this will become a reliable encyclopedia of sorts, of what to expect in yield for every different strain of autoflowers known. I am personally on my 1st grow so I cannot input just yet!
Hopefully this will help people decide when shopping for seeds and give them an idea of what to expect with each strain.

There's just a few simple rules:
1: Be Honest.
2: List information for 1 plant at a time.
3: No unneccesary pics.
So I'm gonna need all the :helpsmilie:I can get so this can work.

I think this format would be perfect:

Autoflower Strain: (What Strain You Grew)
Grow Medium: (Soil or Hydro)
Size of Container: (Pot/Tub Size)
How Long Till Harvest: (Length in Days/Weeks You Let The Plant grow)
Height At Harvest: (The Overall Height At Harvest)
Wet Weight At harvest: (The Overall Weight of Wet Buds Right After Harvest)
Dry Weight At harvest : (The Overall Weight of Dry Buds After Cure)

If you wanna add pics of the Overall Weight that would be great!
a closeup hi-def pic of the nicest bud from each strain on the grow would be super!

So let's get this started for the Peeps! :thanks:


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Hey Cylent1. It is kind of subjective and not really feasible. Container size and whetehr you prune or don't matters alot. I have four autos going right now. There are alot of misconceptions about what autos are and what you can do with them. I am doing some cultural comparisons in my grow right now to better illustrate what I mean. Obviously the larger container the larger the potential yield. Even if they are the same varieties grown side by side. Also some folks think for some reason that you can't prune autos. I will probably post afew pics of my autos and how they have been pruned. I also am low stress training right now. All of these things may delay flowering somewhat but will greatly increase yield. I am judging by size of the plants now at 3 weeks since germination as of tomorrow. The plants are approching 24 inches in height with main stems about 1 and a half times bigger in diameter than a pencil. secondary stems where they were pruned at the third nodes are about pencil sized and are being tied down. The plants are outside of the diameter of their 3 gal pots by about 2 inches. I am shooting for 2-3 ounces per plant and I believe that I will achieve that. Lastly the most important point in growing autos is that you have to be spot on in your feeding schedule. Commonly, over feeding will slow the plant and be detrimental to harvest totals more so in autos than in regular photoperiodic plant types. I germinated on March 28. That doesn't even include the quality and intensity of the lighting source. Too many variable factors to do a side by side comparison the data would mean nothing as far as quantity is concerned. Smoke quality and the rest is highly dependent upon flushing and curing techniques and I am sceptical there also. It would be a great idea and very helpful if you could eliminate those points
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