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Autoflowering questions from a humble beginner - Hermaphroditism


Good day! I've grown out a nice, small Tangerine autoflowering plant from GYO's seed collection---which I heard is a revival of Tangelo Rapido by Barney's Farm---and the plant is in a small, maybe, 2 litre pot.

Only today, on day 42 from germination, I noticed a small male pre-sex flower on one tall lower branch. The male pre-sex is located just below the main flower cluster of the branch. I'm quite sure it's a result of stress from the vigorous cutting I did (cut them two days straight because I was indecisive with what branch to keep; all in all, I got 4 low branches and a few fan leaves).

Killing it would be my last option.

Letting it thrive in my personal room (away from the grow op) is another option, but will I cause it more stress not giving it a good schedule for light and dark?
This way, I would have to rely on little sunlight (balcony type). BUT, it would make for a damn nice ornamental plant in my room though. haha

Any form of input will be greatly appreciated. I can't help but feel bad for my baby. I hope the other plants I have in the op won't follow suit. If that's the case then it maybe an environmental problem, too.

:Namaste: and have a good day!


Can you post a pic?

Here's the photo. It's definitely spread on multiple lower branches, I only recently looked and identified three to four more branching with same traits. There are also some other male sex looking vegetation on some branches that I might be mistaking for growth spurt, or small bud sites (my plant is approaching 2nd phase of flowering, soon everything will devolve into small buds, and it's finishing the veg stretch).
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