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B.C. 'Prince of Pot' Contracts Superbug Infection in U.S. Prison

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VANCOUVER – Jailed marijuana activist Marc Emery is suffering from a "superbug" infection called MRSA, leaving his wife seriously concerned for his health as he serves at least three more years in a Mississippi prison.

Jodie Emery said he was diagnosed earlier this year after a boil above his buttock tested positive for the infection

While his initial outbreak has been treated, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus is a staph bacterium that can cause infections that are resistant to most antibiotics.

MRSA is highly contagious and has become a widespread problem in prisons and hospitals, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control website.

Emery, known as Vancouver's "prince of pot," is serving five years for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana through his mail-order cannabis seed company. He was extradited to the United States last year and is expecting an early release date of July 9, 2014.

While Emery is trying to stay safe by washing his hands frequently and avoiding injuries, Jodie worries the MRSA could lead to fatal complications.

"Marc suffering this sort of dangerous infection after being extradited and imprisoned in the U.S. – after harming nobody at all – proves the insanity of war on marijuana," Jodie said.

"Peaceful, non-violent people like Marc are being put in harm's way because of prohibition."

MRSA makes surgery risky and can create severe infections in open wounds. One of Emery's former cellmates died of post-surgical complications involving an infection, Jodie said.

Emery has been keeping busy in jail, learning bass guitar for a prison band called Stuck. Another group of prisoners wrote a song about him called Prince of Pot after seeing Tommy Chong wearing a Free Marc shirt on CNN.

"He's in really good spirits emotionally," Jodie said. "Trying to stay positive is the hardest thing for both of us."

Emery was transferred from a private facility in Georgia to a jail outside Jackson, Mississippi. in April. His request to be moved to a Canadian prison was rejected. He will be eligible to apply again in two years.

He began selling marijuana seeds in Vancouver in 1994, and was a founding member of the Marijuana Party of Canada. He was arrested in 2005 by Canadian police acting on a request from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration.

He has received thousands of letters of support from all over the world, Jodie said.

"When medical marijuana was first legalized in California in 1996, he sent seeds down to people who really needed them," she said. "We get letters from people who say, 'Marc Emery saved my life.'"


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I'm not a big fan of Marc Emery, whether I should be or not. But it's a sad thing that he is in prison, and contacted an MRSA. Why? Simply because Cannabis helps with that, and I doubt he is going to get any of that. If he could get some, he has a good chance against the superbug. With only big pharma on his side..... hmmm.
Facts? Sure :)

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:goodluck::goodluck: Good Luck Marc just don't pick up any strange bars of soap and your boil will heal in time.:bravo::bravo: I guess that this is a little KARMA for playing on the Medical Marijuana Community 's sympathies while counting the millions that you have in various offshore tax free banks. I'm sure that before your time is up you will be loved by one and all on the inside. RD:high-five::circle-of-love::circle-of-love::19::19::wood::wood: Anyone knocking on your cell door yet????


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I seen Jody a few months ago in Portland and she was so sad. Like Marc or not, nobody should be in jail for Cannabis.

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Maybe we could send him some cannabis soap?lol

It was a sad day in Canadian history when they allowed the US to strong arm Marc out of Canada. I strongly encourage canadians to distance themselves to any businesses that do business with my country. Amerika is not what it used to be. It use to be our civil rights were slowly being err oded on a yearly basis, but now it has escalated to a month by month loss of more civil rights.
By the end of summer 2012 Amerikan's major cities will begin to look like war zones. The government knows it, a lot of Amerikans know it.
Talk to a lot of kids that say they wish they had been alive during the wonderful 60's. I tell them to prepare to make history themselves. The 2010's will make the 60's look like a local picnic in comparison. Its there future, they have a right to decide what that future will be.


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Holy Mary, mother of God! They sent him to the SOUTH???

Poor Marc. Bad enough to be sent where he'll be treated worst, but unconscionable to be suffering from MRSA because of a filthy southern jail. Canada should NEVER have allowed the extradition of one of their own for this insane debacle. He could DIE in there.

Canadians, boycott any business in your country that trades with America, and LET THEM KNOW WHY! Cost your country money for what they've done. It seems that's the only thing governments understand--the almighty dollar, or lack of it. Marc Emery should NOT be here (in America) serving time for something that hurts no one. It is a shame he now has an infection he won't be able to stop, because believe me, they don't care about prisoners, other than the stipend they get from the feds for housing them.

Bad bad bad bad bad.......
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