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Bamboo Invasion Help


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under my plant grow and 5years old Bamboostick(i think soo).

I think this is from my work of organic nute(Tea,liquid manure) from Herbs.

need an advice Kill this nice bamboo, or let him life my plant need 3 weeks(but i know bamboo grow strong roots) too complete?.


Amadeus Forzin

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This is probably the coolest thing I ever did see, you must have some super soil to bring a bamboo cane back to life. I can tell you that there roots grow like grass roots thin and fairly deep. They will compete for space. I wouldn't know what to suggest for the best.


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yeah i know,

This is simple supermarket soil(1,49Euro) i flushed to clear old nutes, then i additive the Herbs.
I think this comes from the Tea,liquid manure for weeks i make pasturage sude for root stimulating(auxin).
But I did not think that something like this happens.

I must kill him i think so,this is pity but needfull u says this bamboo make deeply roots.


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Hello, what is problem cutting bamboo? Take it out & put another stick in.

To cut around bamboo roots is no problem.

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