Barneys Sin Tra Bajo?


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Hi all, I am looking to do my first grow in the next coming weeks and have some Barneys auto Sin Tra Bajo seeds on the way. I havent seen much about this strain on the web other from on seed bank sites. Does anyone have any personal experience growing this strain? Looking to hear a little bit more about it and what to expect.

I grew 2 of them in the American northeast. Started just before the mid summer mark, they spent their life in larger sized (close to 3.5gal) nursery pots.
I used an amended soil mix... with Neptune's harvest added when the ladies looked hungry.

Weight was nothing impressive, smell was very very unique... like spices... but you've got the chance to grow them better.

Go to my gallery and you'll have a date on there, they're labeled with strain name.

If I'm recalling correctly these are an early generation of Auto and don't compete as well with newer ones. Make a journal when you start them... been curious if they just never reached their potential under my growing... I was away from them for most of their growing time.
Barneys is definitely one of the best breeders. I have grown there LSD , BLUE CHEESE, VANILLA KUSH, CRITICAL KUSH. They are all the best strains i have tried to grow next favorite is delicious seeds. But i have never tried that strain or do autos sorry
Thanks fuzzy that was a big help. I checked out your journal and you had some great photos on there. Mine will be a controlled indoor grow so hopefully a little bigger yield. I'll definitely do a journal when I start.

Ken, Thanks for the response too. Good to hear about your success with Barneys!
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