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I have a appointment with a doctor to be prescribed mmj, he was referred to me by a fellow 420 member. The question i have is do i need to wait until i get my government card stating "this is amount allowed daily" allowed to be medicated with or can i go right ahead and start since the doctor will put it on the form i propose for him to sign? same with growing and storage limits (obvisouly keeping a photo copy of said documents for worst case scenario). I guess, does it go through another application process past the doctor? this would be a great help friends. Thank you.
I would say if you photocopied the application and carried it with you any police officer would not bother you for using MMJ. But I would await confirmation from HC before Cultivating any Marijuana at all IMHO.
I would suggest contacting a few sites that know what they are talking about in this subject...a few I know of are cannabis license as well as marijuana card. They will be able to tell you exactly what you can and can not do legally. In my opinion, you should wait until you receive your card/papers before you start growing....but you should be able to walk into a dispensary and obtain it that way...with a photocooy of course :)
wait 21 business days to receive a approval letter make sure u have a copy of all the stuff u sent in to get approved otherwise it is a crime bc u have not been approved yet

but thats for where i live its better to ask the doc exactly everything u need to know if they say 30 days 10 days 40 days w/e its all business and holidays can add extra days
I would suggest contacting a few sites that know what they are talking about in this subject...a few I know of are

I looked at the first site you mentioned and saw that they are selling a "MMAR License - Easy to Follow Instruction Kit" for $149.99CAD.

I guess everyone needs to make a buck. Just seems like a lot for the convenience of not having to go to a government office (doctor's office?) to get the required forms. Looks like they include tips and lists of doctors who are thought to be more inclined to prescribe cannabis (I hope said doctors don't pay to be included on such a list), which is nice. But I suspect much if not all such information is available free somewhere - or at least included in the standard fee that some doctors would be charging you anyway. Just typing "Canadian medical mar" into a Google search box and letting its auto-complete function suggest search terms gave me "Canadian medical marijuana association" which showed "Canadian Medical Marijuana Association" for the first link. Clicking that link bounced me to The Medical Marijuana Clinic. They charge too, but support and consultation seems to be included in the basic fee. And it looks like there is a good deal of information available on their site for free. Changing my search to "canadian medical marijuana" gave me Medical for the first result. That site seems to have a lot of information for patients, potential patients, growers, and doctors - also available for free - even to the point of including some recipe information for cooking. AND it looks like you can get the forms you need from them (again, free) via an easy-to-find "MMAR Forms" link. That site professes to be "are a group of patients, doctors and growers passionate about driving the notion that medical marijuana should be readily available to all Canadians in need through the best and most compassionate means."

Just seems that there is a lot of information and help out there.
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