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Hi there, I'm a very recent newbie to medical marijuana, just have a couple questions about it. I live in Ontario, Canada.

I have been prescribed one ounce per month, and I'm wondering if I don't purchase that much, will my prescription be changed at my three month appointment? I would like to keep my prescription at one ounce per month, but I'm not sure I will always be able to afford that much.

My other question is along the same lines, if there are times I can't afford to buy cannabis will I eventually get my card taken away?

Should I purchase my prescribed amount for the first three months to ensure I keep my one ounce per month subscription?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read and reply
If it was me... And it probably would be :rolleyes: ... I'd just tell the doctor, "Doc, I didn't purchase as much cannabis as I was prescribed because I'm so poor that church mice elbow each other while nodding at their poor relation over in the corner and whisper, 'He's as poor as a TorturedSoul, he is.' And I really feel that I've suffered because of it."

That both provides an explanation for why you didn't purchase your prescribed amount and lets the doctor know that you should have.

BtW, if cannabis is actually prescribed up there in the Great White North... And it is also the land of nationalized health care... Why isn't is sort of covered by the government (IOW, all the taxpayers, collectively)? I used to read about people afraid to come south to the United States for vacation because if they got looped and fell off a roof or something, they'd actually be expected to be responsible for their own actions, lol. Which gave me the strong impression that folks up there just kind of showed up, got treated/medicated/therapy and went on home with no bill. But I probably got it all wrong or something, IDK.
TS- medical care is covered here. Medications from the drug store aren't -for the most part.. So yeah if we end up in the hospital it's 'free' other than the cost of whatever we may get prescribed later as a result of the incident. Meds used for treatment on the occasion of the hospital admittance are generally free, but resulting prescriptions aren't.
Some people may have some sort of pharma-care plans -which I don't know much about because I've never had one.

We all pay into the health care plan so it's not technically free- but it is generally quite cheap. When I go to the US I usually get extended medical coverage that will at least save my ass for while if I have an accident. Honestly I don't know how you guys do it. Nobody wants to end up in the hospital. But to potentially face a huge, life-altering, life-wrecking bill afterwards, at a time you might be least prepared to face it....?
It's not that surprising people would be scared of the possibilities there. It looks like a bad system.
But I'm sure this conversation has been done to death though, so to speak...

Anyway- to the OP. I don't have any specific insight around weed prescriptions. It probably partly depends on how cool your doctor is. I do have a script for some sleeping pills and my doctor doesn't care whether I take three months to finish a one month prescription- or if I burn through a bottle in a few weeks. But I've had the prescription for a few years so I guess he trusts me.

But here are a couple threads where there a bunch of people (the kind of people who pay attention to the rules :) ) who will know the answer to this question.

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