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Best strain around Michigan?


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Wonder Haze,Church,Vanilla Kush. We have a Farmers Market for members only in the works. Gotta be legal all the way!


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I would say Blue Dream the seeds are tough to come by but it is a great producer with high thc content 50/50 indica sativa with a hint of blueberry about 10 weeks to finish out


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The best strain? Is the one you have in your bowl, bag or J as I've noticed in my wanderings....will be some ATF shortly, along with my favorite-Big Bud.


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i just recently got this kind called white rhino that put me to sleep everytime i smoked it through out the week. im looking forward to purchasing that again real soon.


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I don't know of any Michigan specific strains, so I just bought seeds from Nirvana, in this grow all from Nirvana is one AK-48 from a hermi seed from the last grow, I found 12 seeds in the last batch of Ak-48 so I decided to grow one out. The others are 4 white widows and all of those look different from each other. The others is 3 Master Kush plants which look Identical to each other and fantastic looking. Top photo in front is Ak48 and 2 white widows in the back ground, the next photo is a Master Kush bud. Lighting is a 1000 watt Hortilux Blue all the way thru, no hps bulb.
How did your white widows turn out? any pics ? or any smoke reports?

I just got some WW from nirvana and very curious about the various phenos there might be out there.



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how about this blueberry pancake? anyone hear of it or had it?:thumb:


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Some my personal favorites are Sensi Star, Blue Dream, and Plushberry. The Sensi Star and the most dense buds i have ever seen almost hard enough to break a window.! lol. I've heard that Blue Dream is pretty big around MI. The Plushberry is one of the nicest looking bud i've ever seen, when you bust them open it's almost all purple on the inside. I love it.!


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Card holder in MI. I like both OG WIDOW and Astro Queen both are very easy to grow and ass kicking. very good for pain relief and nausea. Next I will Try the Grapefruit Haze. :thumb:


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Hey people I am personally hooked on grapefruit Haze. Awesome buzz and about 2.5 lbs per plant. Second wld be Astro Queen or OG Widow.


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I would'nt say the best but, I did have some Acapulco Gold form Michigan that was'nt bad at all.


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PERMAFROST is my favorite strain (if you can find it).
Seems to be a lot of it floating around in the Flint area.
Smells just like PineSol!


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I got my patient some Death Star from a dispensary, collective, whatever you wanna call em, a couple weeks ago they claimed was awesome! I haven't had the pleasure of growing anything but GDP as of yet, so I don't know how good Deathstar yields, or where to find it otherwise. But DS did what it needed to well from what my patient told me. I'm going to look into that OG Widow and Astroqueen though. My patient suffers from nausea and a few other problems that it sounds like either strain would work well on. I'll also look into the Grapefruit Haze. With just the one patient, I'm always looking for good strains that yield and do the job right! Thanks for the tips all!


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Big Buddha Blue cheese has been good to me. Apollo's top shelf also, but I'm looking for something new.
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