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Best strain around Michigan?


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I got my patient some Death Star from a dispensary, collective, whatever you wanna call em, a couple weeks ago they claimed was awesome! I haven't had the pleasure of growing anything but GDP as of yet, so I don't know how good Deathstar yields, or where to find it otherwise. But DS did what it needed to well from what my patient told me. I'm going to look into that OG Widow and Astroqueen though. My patient suffers from nausea and a few other problems that it sounds like either strain would work well on. I'll also look into the Grapefruit Haze. With just the one patient, I'm always looking for good strains that yield and do the job right! Thanks for the tips all!
I am a big OG Widow fan after going through Chemo. The taste is awesome. The yield is superb. 1/4 to 1/2 LB dry weight when done. Great for the nausea and easy to grow for the beginner in both soil or hydro.


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Nope about 2.5 lbs thats a give or take depending on how you raise it. please dont take my word for it Google images has some good photos of said plant


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PERMAFROST is my favorite strain (if you can find it).
Seems to be a lot of it floating around in the Flint area.
Smells just like PineSol!
Yep. Permafrost. Excellent for pain,nice relaxing body high. Kinda dank tasting,very enjoyable. That one is a keeper.


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not from mich but a med state anyway...... currently in my stable my fave is some fine jack herer. perfect AAA medquality IMO from some truly compassionate folks. thanks guys! :2:
Jack's Cleaner is a strain created by SubCool...here's the lowdown:

SeedFinder › Database › Breeder › TGA Subcool › Jacks Cleaner Strain: Jacks Cleaner
Breeder: TGA Subcool
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: unknown
No feminized seeds. TGA Subcool Seeds - Jacks Cleaner

You may not have heard of the strain Jacks Cleaner, but among collectors of Elite genetics it has become somewhat of an urban legend. This is due to a few factors. The first is I grew it for many years before other respected growers tried it and let me know it was probably the best Sativa Hybrid in existence. In 1997 I had a gathering known in breeder circles as “Jamaica 1” several respected under ground breeder/growers met at my place and we spent 3 days toking testing talking and feasting on BBQ and southern food. We had a un official judging and JC won every first place vote. Now maybe the guys were just being nice because I tossed the gig but I knew at least I had found a great strain. But where did it come from?
I got my first PC in about 1994 it was an Acer 133 and soon found a great deal of information on Cannabis, certainly not anything like today but it led me to grow chats where I met others that shared an interest for growing. One of the first I became close online friends with was a guy with the nick ‘Skoosh’. I was amazed that there was another seriously hard working tax paying Loyal American that waked and baked everyday of his adult life. We swapped stories online, toked while we typed and found out we both love ice cream. He offered me some seeds and over time traded around what we each had. He sent me about 200 seeds of a old strain called Skoosh that was pretty infamous in his circles and I started cracking large treys looking for a keeper. The make up of these seeds were Pluton, Lambs bread, Purple Haze, and Northern Lights. What mix or pattern these crosses occurred I am not sure. Most of what I found was not impressive, super thin spindly sativa’s and mutants with whorled leaves. I did find a few that seemed normal and grew them to maturity. Of all the seeds I started over a period of a year one phenotype stood out. It was a extremely resinous ultra lemon wonder. It reminded me of a house hold cleaner named “Mr Clean” So I named it “The Cleaner”. It had one poor trait and that was weak stems and smaller size. I had not yet read botany and we all thought breeders were smarter than god so it was just luck I had a Jack Herer male from Sensi Seeds that I was to lazy to kill and just placed in a dark garage. It refused to die so I placed a small 12” Cleaner clone with him and she produced about 35 seeds.
From these I selected the best female and tossed all the males. From these was the Phenotype many now consider to be the holy grail of Cannabis, Jacks Cleaner is a large heavy producer with ultra white raised trichomes that actually give the plant a gooey appearance. Heavy citrus with over bearing lemon smell and taste I have yet to see anything like it. In 2003 we out crossed the P1 mother with a JC X blueberry offspring and created JC bx. This first stage back cross recently won third place in the 420 cup in Amsterdam by a grower named HOG. It had a 12 day cure and blew everyone away as he was an unknown in there neck of the woods. There is some confusion cause many that have the JC bx misstate the fact and say they have JC leaving off the BX indicating a back cross.

Strain Lineage / Genealogy / Family Tree
Jacks Cleaner »»» {Pluton x Lambsbread x Purple Haze x Northern Lights} x Jack Herer
Pluton x Lambsbread x Purple Haze x Northern Lights
Pluton »»» Unknown Strain
Jamaica Probably Sativa »»» Sativa
Purple Haze Probably
Haze Purple Pheno
»»» Mexico x Colombia x Thailand x India
Mexico »»» Sativa
Colombia »»» Sativa
Thailand »»» Sativa
India »»» Sativa
Northern Lights
»»» NL #1 x NL #2 x NL #5
Afghanistan »»» Indica
NL #2
Northern Lights
Afghanistan Indica Probably »»» Indica
NL #5
USA, Kalifornien »»» Mostly Indica
Jack Herer
»»» Haze x {Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk}
Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk
Northern Lights #5 (specified above)
Shiva Skunk
Northern Lights 5 x Skunk #1 F-1 Hybrid F1
»»» Northern Lights #5 x Skunk #1 F1
Northern Lights #5 (specified above)
Skunk #1
Skunk #1
»»» Afghanistan x Mexico x Colombia
Afghanistan »»» Indica
Mexico »»» Sativa
Colombia »»» Sativa
O Haze (specified above)
Crossbreeds and hybrids with "Jacks Cleaner"
Vietnam »»» Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen
Jack the Ripper »»» Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen
Jacks Cleaner 2 »»» Jacks Cleaner x Jack The Ripper
Qleaner »»» Jacks Cleaner F1 x Querkle
Batgirl »»» Jacks Cleaner x Blueberry
Jacks Cleaner Bx »»» Jacks Cleaner x JCB
Kaboom »»» Jacks Cleaner x Vortex
»»» All direct crossings (7 strains) + Sub-Hybrids! «««
New »»» MapThisShit!
Some more breadcrumbs:
SeedFinder › Database › Strains › Alphabetical [J] › Jacks Cleaner (TGA Subcool Seeds)

Can't get any more complete info anywhere!
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From various dispensaries around Michigan...

Best Sativa: Durban Poison

Best Hybrid: Vietnam

Best Indica: Master Kush

Cheers ;)


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I am in Southern Michigan.. To date here in Michigan my favorite smoke was some Silver Pearl. I was growing it and it hermied on me.. likely my fault as im a first timer...

The taste is out of this world, sweet and savory with a very nice lingering aftertaste. Also almost instant relief. I have a couple clones I took earlier, and will continue to run them under better supervision.

Also.. Very impressed with a cutting I got from a friend.. Allegedly its a variation of Blue Cheese (Blueberry X uk cheese)

I have 12 strains in all.. but as I'm just getting started as a grower, I haven't decided which is my personal favorite to grow yet.


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Interesting. I read this entire thread and didn't see anybody mention any Tricloud Genetic strains, clones or crosses.

Haha I had my fingers crossed. Anyway I did see that somebody mentioned that there should be some Michigan breeders by now. Been doing it since long before the beginning of medical marijuana.

We visit the Genesee County Compassion Club from time to time and have a good reputation there for quality meds and beans.

Some of the best buds I've smoked in Michigan have come right from my own seed. Apricot Cush is my favorite. I made it by crossing a Cinderella99 male to the Green Crack clone years ago. Then I started working to weed out the paranoia trait that is so distinctive in the Cinderella line. The cross worked out better than we could have hoped. Super potent and tasty. No tolerance build up either. That was a concern because Green Crack's biggest weakness is that folks build a tolerance to her fairly fast. I'm a heavy smoker and have been using Apricot Cush for years and haven't developed enough tolerance to keep me away. She is extremely uplifting and potent. The flavor is very unique and resin production is A+. Folks have been journaling her in the Michigan Forums.

Apricot Cush has been reported to work great for back and spinal type pain and neurological pain. Also have been told that she helps with migranes and several other types of conditions that many sativa or sat dom strains work with. She's not a munchie inducer. I enjoy working when using AC because she motivates me and allows me to stay focused. Cinderella99 always gave me a nice boost but was difficult trying to focus because she made me scatter brained.

I truly believe Apricot Cush is better than either of her parents. I have worked her into a very consistent F3 and she is available in seed form.


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i remember meeting you at pig roast last year. if u coming this year, can u bring some apricot cush? this sounds like my answer. I am old lady with a walking chair.


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If I am smoking something other than my own Detroit Diesel, I personally prefer clone only elites. although I do like the stuff coming from tricloud genetics the apricot cush is good smoke. l8ly I have been running loran's longbottom leaf (SFV OG X jacks cleaner), E32 trainwreck, ECSD, Krome's "the White", and loran's lightnin (chem 91 X Pacifica). Of course next round will be all about C99, schrom, shire, and mudd shark (pre 98 bubba X pacifica), heck I might even run some Detroit Diesel:smokin:.



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Grand Daddy Purple

Back in "the day" when I used to grow outside [illegally of course] I crossed a local pungent, skunky Indica with a Ruderalis that was obtained from Russia. The idea at the time (late 70's early 80's) was simply to have smaller plants that could not be detected with a normal "looksee" [and it worked, nobody ever found my plants], as people all around me were getting busted because they 1) planted too many plants in one area 2) They did not break up the pattern that you could see from the air 3) Their plants were just plain too tall. 4) They stupidly left trails from their spot to their house or similar stupidities.
-- I quit all that illegal stuff in 2002. I quit everything in 2002. That's when I started getting sick. Now I am actually legal, or will be in a few days, to try and treat my Irritable Bowel Syndrome with meds that do not have side effects like the Bentyl I was taking. So I am looking for the high CBD strains so I do not get near as high. I will be eating my meds as my lungs are shot. Help obtaining these types of strains in southwest Michigan would be greatly appreciated. There's no way I can get out west to get these strains.

Also: M K Ultra and Headband.

Heather De Ath

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Some locally grown Piney Indica that has been around Southwest Michigan since the at least the early 70's. The smell is freshhhhhhh, captivating, with a hint of Pine. The buzz is contemplating, relaxing and jam-worthy. A most excellent strain for writing original music. I am waiting to try it for my medical condition in a controlled environment because these hybrid strains now-days really affect me weird compared to strains from the old days. And they simply do not get me high once I am used to them. Nothing past a starter buzz. In fact, I was talking with a buddy last night and we were discussing new hybrid strains compared to old simple strains and we came to the conclusion that these new strains are like crack...you are never satisfied. Whereas the old strains are more fulfilling and you can take a few hits and be satisfied for a good long period.
I just smelled some fresh Papaya Mango that was so sweet and am waiting for dude to dry and cure it so we can smoke it.

I vaped some really fresh Mowie Wowie two days ago but it's not near the same Mowie Wowie that we grew here in the late 70's early 80's. in my opinion it is a watered-down version of the real thing.


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I just ran some Alien OG. Its one of the most potent Indica dominant hybrids I have smoked or grown. The taste has a hint of lemon underneath an SFV OG taste that is very complex. It kicks down my back pain and lets me sleep nicely. My closest other strain to it is Bodhi's Boba's stash, which he ran for a short time. Its a LA Affie/Snow Lotus cross that also has the SFV OG mossy, woodsy taste, but is not as potent as Alien OG. The closest of anything in my harem - in terms of an Indica hybrid - to Alien OG is a particular Darkstar that is as strong a painkiller as Alien OG. This Darkstar has that Mazar taste, where the lemon and mossy taste comes on strong in the Alien OG. Both have great yields as well.


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Then theres Vic's Space Queen from BCGA. The Overgrow days were nice. The real deal has the lemon liquore taste over the top of Romulan. If I had any brains at the time I would have ran some seeds. The Space Jill I have is unique and near the niche of the Space Queen, but I am kidding myself if I think its a real stand in.


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I have got to run the appy cush I've been sitting on for awhile. Kromes "the white" is fire!


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Attitude seed bank brother. Don't mail certified, request regular mail or customs will seize it. They have a great selection. I'm growing like 6 strains from them right now. They carry all the great breeder's seeds. I suggest Blue Cheese or Super Lemon Haze if you want something super tasty and potent.


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I have to say my blackwater is one of my favorite nice smooth smoke, but watch out you enjoy the flavor so much you may over do it;-) its a creeper, I grow in basement and this is my favorite for my pain! My husband gets coach lock from it I feel pain relief but also still able to go with it or pull my self out and really concentrate on computer work. Able to focus, this green about 4 1/2 feet lanky,but loaded with beautiful buds. I definitely would recommend this for chronic pain:)
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