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Black Jack and Ice


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4th grow - soil - indoor - This time around I am thinking about growing blackjack and ice. Has anyone grown these before? If so, how did it go? Any recommendations? :Namaste:


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Hi and welcome to the 420Magazine.
Ice from Nirvana is very strong cannabis, also easy to grow.
I'll be honest, I could not handle Ice. I getting old though.

:peace: cocoJoe


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I grew blackjack last year...not too bad. Its a long lasting effect but not too overwhelming though. The biggest problem I had with blackjack was the mold issue. Some of my plants, I think 4 out of 14 had some mold problems. other than that fairly easy to grow.


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on the blackjack when i had a lot of this bud i smoked for a week like so i got imune to that shit i didnt get really high every time understanding me ?
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