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  1. Curious' ICE

    Curious' ICE

    Day 49 flower 1 week of frooting power
  2. Curious' ICE

    Curious' ICE

    Day 39 flowering
  3. Curiousnoob

    Curious' 1st Indoor Soil, Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough & Ice Grow Journal Oct 2018

    My first grow Indoors :yummy: Plants started outdoors but decided to give indoor ago, bought a kit and here I am. I have 5 babies 2 x ice, 2 x Blue Dream and 1 x Strawberry Cough you can see from my photos breed, strengths and ratios etc. They have spent about three weeks out doors and have been...
  4. IceOnLast24hrsDark.jpg


  5. JayCseed

    Jays 3rd Grow - Indoor - LED - Soil - Multi-Strain Journal

    Welcome back for round 3 of journals with Jay! This time around I will be stuffing my tent with 5 strains, keeping them supper short for a quick turnaround. Here is the setup: 4'x2'x60" Apollo grow tent 260 CFM exhaust fan 2 x King Super 1000w LED 3 gal square pots FoxFarm Ocean...
  6. icecreamman

    Icecreamman's First Attempt At Making Icecream

    Good Day All, My first attempt at growing and loving it. Today I will be flipping to 12-12. I have been reading this site since May when I planted 4 ice cream seeds. I ran into a few problems, but always found the answers here. So I have decided to journal the next phase and show you...
  7. T

    2nd Grow: 4 x Strawberry Ice & 2 x Caramelicious, Coco & Mars Hydro 320, 4x4

    Hi Guys, 2nd Grow here. So i though why not start a journal just incase i get into any drama?? So here goes. What strain is it? 4 x Strawberry Ice and 2 X Caramelicious from Amsterdam Seeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Strawberry Ice Feminized Profile: Details: Thc...
  8. C

    Hash - Dry ice? Or freeze & thaw then shake?

    I know this post is in the wrong place but im using a potato to communicate. Whats the point in dry ice for making hash? Cant i just freeze and thaw my trim..?
  9. 4

    Dry ice?

    if i put the dry ice to close to my plants will the CO2 burn the leaves? new grower
  10. R

    Ice Wreck

    Ice wreck from crop king seeds
  11. T

    Ice Wreck Nutrients

    What kind of nutrients does Ice Wreck need?
  12. weedman79

    Crop Kings - NYC Diesel Auto - Ice Wreck Reg - LED Grow

    1. Roots organic soil-will be using distilled water 2.300w led 3. millard grow tent 4.fox farm nutes 5.Lights will be 18-6 whole way 6.Crop King seeds- Nyc Diesel Auto- Ice wreck reg 7.Seeds are in a glass of water till tomm, and then damp paper towel in warm, dark place..then into 3gallon...
  13. R

    Pot-Flavored Ice Cream Is Becoming A Thing

    Italians have high hopes for this new ice cream. An ice cream shop in Alassio will soon offer a marijuana-flavored dessert made from peeled hemp seeds to raise awareness about the health benefits of wacky tobacky, Intelligonews.it reported. Called "Bob Marley," the ice cream's slogan is...
  14. R

    Ice Bomb leaves yellowing/browning - Please help!

    As the title suggests, I'm having an issue with one plant, Ice Bomb. I'll just jump into it 1) Pictures are attached, both with lights on and off and taken minutes ago. 2) Growing indoors with seven other plants. 6 autos and two photo periods. All feminized 3)Using full line of Earth Juice...
  15. growchick

    Mechanical Dry Ice Kief/Hash Extractor

    Details Here: Mechanical Dry Ice Hash Machine
  16. Dave Groomer

    2nd CFL grow need help

    I have 2 plants, an AK48 and an Ice growing in Miracle Grow organic potting soil with perlite and lyme. They are 3 weeks old, under 4 23w CFL (6500k). I am using Fox Farm Nutes. Soil PH is 6.5. Humidity 50% Temp around 80. This AM I noticed some brown edges on the Ice. Does anyone have...
  17. Barney

    600W Earth Grow - 12/12 From Seed - Chemdawg - Ice - Blue Dream & More

    Hi all at 420, :420: This is my first thread on 420, so I'll start with a little about my setup and my ethos on plant TLC: Cabinet: (L x W x H) 3 x 1 x 4 Feet Ventilation: 6" exhaust fan; forced induction; fresh air drawn from open bottom-end of cabinet Light: 600w HPS...
  18. Scarfinger68

    ICE Strain Grown in FFOF Soil with CFL Lights

    1 week from seed: I tried something different today. I watered them with 1/3 cap of black strap molasses unsulphured, Thrive (microbial organism) and 2 tsp. of FF grow big mixed in a 1 gallon water jug. PH was around 6.5 I mainly wanted to get some microorganisms in there to help...
  19. GreenChrome

    GreenChrome's Perpetual Grow Journal Volume 1 - Soil - Ice & Bubblicious

    In honor of the date, I figured today would be a good day to start our ongoing journal. We are part way through a rushed grow, but are making improvements to our space, equipment, and timeline that should give us significant improvements on our next grow. This first post will be an overview of...
  20. T

    Black Jack and Ice

    4th grow - soil - indoor - This time around I am thinking about growing blackjack and ice. Has anyone grown these before? If so, how did it go? Any recommendations? :Namaste:
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