Bushmaster Og


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Hello I am new to writing on this forum or most but I have been a cannabis growing for 12 years. I am also a medical patient but that's not important. I have created my own strain just because I wanted something of my own and wanted cheap seeds because I was shutting down my grow op for a couple of months.
I created 3 versions the male cannabis was always an impressive starkiller og the females be cookies and cream 1 had the best taste and high lower yeild. 2 had the most typical cookies and cream structure good breanchs and good high 3 had the best growth best structure best yeild but the high and taste was not as good.
Bushmaster Og
It's a 60/40 indica dominant
Regular f1 seeds
High thc
8-9weeks indoor
Early October outdoors

Bushmaster was named after the comic book villian. R.i.p Stan lee. Bushmaster is also a venomous pit viper. Now it's a cannabis plant a powerful indica dominant hybrid with liniage from different OG's and kushs. This is KING of the forest it was made in the Canadian bush, and designed to grow OG's outside
Always nice to play with genetics. Sounds like you have a winner.

Proper naming is important also LOL. Good job on the well thought out name. They never matter in the end but it is so nice to see someone put at least a little thought into it before doing so.
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