BushMaster and its effect on the plant


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I planted a few bagseeds last year and 2 turn out to be sativa that grew TALL. My grow space is 5' tall and the plant grew into the 400w HPS. I bent the plants several times, but it kept growing. I harvest it early because I wanted to try something difference. I label the plants 3 and 5. The high from plant 3 was mostly head with relaxing effects after the head rush. Plant 5 was the best, a functional, easy going high. I felt good and sort of 'care-free.'

I decided that I want to try the plants in a drip setup and limit the high to 4'.

BushMaster: 1/1/10 8ml of Bushmaster in 14g r/o water in tank.

1/3/10: I added 16ml more for 24ml or 2ml/gal.

1/6/10: Change tank and flush system for 30 mins.

Shortest plant 5", Tallest 8" from clones.

1/28/10: I measure height. Plants 3 and 5 are approximately 10." The mostly indica haven't grown.

Here is the lesson on using Bushmaster so far.

Veg to desire height. I will grow them to 24"

2ml/gal, 24 hours of dark, change and flush reservor after 3 days.

Use nutes at half strength for a week, then full.

Here is the plant without BushMaster:


Here are the plants when I placed them in the flower room:


Here are the plants after 3 weeks of 12/12:


Awesome Test Southern, nice to see the stuff works. Another idea/test would be to folier feed it at lower levels during the first weeks of flower and see how much it would control the stretch.
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