Harvest of bagseeds (clones) after using Bushmaster


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I got some seeds from a Jamican friend who brough them back from his trip home. The first crop grow very tall (>4') after veg to 12". I used Bushmaster after veg to 12" in my hydro drip system. I ran the stuff for 2 day then switch to regular nutrient solution. The plants averaged 18" in height.

Here is the results after 80 days of flowering. I don't think I will use the mother again, therefore I will flower it and try some other bagseeds from some good stuff from other friends.


I tried a bud after 5 days of drying. The taste is sort of fuel like with a slight green taste. I am curing the buds in mason jars at this time. 2 puff gave a sort of relax, carefree feeling. Later that evening I smoked the whole Cyclone Cone (grape) and I was STONED. I could watch tv, but there were times with I fell asleep for a few minutes.
Is it just me or is there alot of white hairs on them yet?

Agreed, the branch on the far right looks like (judging by the pistils) it could have gone a bit longer... no?
Either way, they look awesome.. especially the one on the right... NUGS!
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