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Busted by one plant?


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I'm just wondering, but if someone were caught growing 1 plant, how bad do you think the repercussion would likely be? I took a look at norml's legal page but there's no mention of what laws texas has about cultivation.:hmmmm:


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Getting caught with a plant with a root structure will be filed under cultivation. There is no definition between one plant and 10.

1-6 years in my state.


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I would imagine they would treat it the same as growing 20 depending on the cop you get.

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Here is what I found on Texas. As always, you must weight the risk against the benefits of growing. If it stresses you out to grow - DON'T! If you enjoy growing and understand the risk, then GROW!

<=2oz.:0-6mos.; $1,000
>2oz.-4oz.:0-1; $2,000
>4oz.-5lb.:2-10; $10,000
>5lb.-50lb.:2-20; $10,000
>50lb.: See below
<=.25oz.:0-1; $2,000
>.25oz.-4oz.:2-10; $10,000
>4oz.-5lb.:2-20; $10,000
>5lb.-50lb.:5-99; $10,000
>50lb.-200lb.:5-99; $50,000
>200lb.-2,000lb.:10-life; $100,000
>2,000lb.:15-99; $250,000


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Maybe in Paris bud..
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