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A couple of months ago... I experienced my first time getting "busted", someone had said I sold these people a gram, the cops told me that had no evidence to take me in, and it wasn't that big of a deal to them, they had other things to do.

However they told me that sometime in fall I would be receiving a letter about my court date, or if I would even be going to court.

With that being said, if I were to get a letter saying I had court the next day, how would I be able to get clean (piss wise) I have been "clean" for some time now (couple months)




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It doesn't happen that fast. You'll have to go to court and and plead first before the judge will do anything. And when they do call or send you a notice, contact the court house and stall them for a few days to give yourself time.


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Busted for selling a joint's worth of bud?

(What time does the revolution start? Oh, wait. This is America. Revolutions are not considered to be politically... [SARCASM]correct[/SARCASM])

Weed420 is correct. If you receive a notice to appear in court, it won't tell you to appear that day. You'll have some time to prepare. If, in the unlikely event that the time is particularly short, just have your lawyer - I assume that as a businessman you have one that you're comfortable with using even if you don't have him/her on a retainer - file for a continuance. Common delay tactic used by both sides (occasionally with reason) and your lawyer should almost always be able to get a first continuance.

Without knowing your location/local laws and past history (priors, probation), I cannot say for sure, but it sounds pretty minor. Probably either someone (LEO) giving you a shake to see if anything falls out or else some DMW got busted and (presumably) made up stories in hopes of having his problem go away (welcome to the American "justice" system). I'd be more worried about the possible future attention than the supposed gram.

If you're (legally) clean... if you end up going to court, would you even have to worry about a drug test - for an unsubstantiated report of a gram sale?

Water Bear

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TorturedSoul Without knowing your location/local laws and past history (priors said:
for an unsubstantiated report of a gram sale?[/I]

I get you, I was just seeking some advice.
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