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[Cali] Danny Boy #3 (Medical Grade w/ Pic)


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Strain Name - Danny Boy #3
From - California
When - 11/20/11
Price - $70/quarter ounce
Type - Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Appearance - Dark green, dense buds.
Smell - Sweet and fruity.
Taste - Delicious!
Type of Buzz - Energetic, Speedy, no couch-lock.
Length of Buzz - 2 hours and 32 minutes
Best Medicinal Use - appetite enhancement, pain relief, anti-anxiety
Overall - This is great! I only purchased a half oz (i'm a medical cannabis patient in california), and I definately intend on getting more!

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Why do my buds look so dead and boring? Lol.

I saw some other pics and they look so alive and colorful and KACHOW!

I got mine at a medical dispensary, the hash from this strain came out at 55.13% THC (according to Halient Labs and Green Grow Culture), but it just looks like crap as far as the pictures.

I don't know much about Cannabis, but that's why I'm here =). To learn. From the pros!
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