Can I prolong my flowering stage?


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My plants are 7 weeks into their flowering stage, and will be ready to harvest in just over a week. Is there any way I can prolong the flowering and not harvest all at once?
Can I trim the more mature buds off of the top? Can I remove entire branches for harvesting and leave the rest of the plant to mature more?


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Personally, I never do half a harvest. Some people like to cut off the tops to let the bottoms get more light, but I could not see them getting sufficiently larger in the course of a couple weeks extra. Espescially seeing as you shouldn't feed them any ferts. during this time to maintain a clean taste.

The trichomes go through different stages as the plant matures. Towards the end of flowering they will change from clear, to cloudy, and then to brown. Brown indicates over maturity, so rule of thumb is to harvest when some of the trichomes turn brown, but most remain cloudy. You can use a magnifying glass to check the progress of your trichomes.

Another good benchmark is most strains will finish flowering in 60 days. Some Sativa-dom plants will take longer (up to 10-12 weeks) but this is only for some strains that have strong Sativa genetics.


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