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can stress of female plant in veg cause it to start showing male preflower??

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I am new grower. I have plants in 6th week of 12/12 that have definitely hermied. I got over that disappointed easily enough with the help of 420 members. The pain was also eased by the fact that I have several more plants from same mama that are ready to take their place. Here is the problem. After spending hours online researching and looking over my plants that are still in veg, I am starting to think I either have a true hermie or I have stressed these plants into hermie also. I see all info on stressing blooming plants will cause hermie but cannot find info on stress causing veg plants to hermie.

I wish I could get some good pics but right now that is not possible. These plants started off as clones about 9 weeks ago. What I am seeing on these veg plants along with the tulip shaped calyxes, I also see smaller tulip shaped ones that have a stem like a pollen sac does. None of the preflowers are in clusters. I have also seen some without a stem but have that claw appearance that I have seen in sooo many pics.

I know that this strain is at least mostly female. I have some huge fat buds. (now gone to seed) Just trying to figure how to detect a true hermie.

You all have helped me a few times and are the best. So sorry to not have any pics. Any general advice and knowledge is greatly appreciated.
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Thanks for your response. Mama came from a seed in a bag of weed. So she would have been a hermie I think. She is trying to recover from me mistreating the poor girl during a transplant a while back. Then a week ago, her light fell on her and broke half of her off. Im not sure if she is going to make it or not.
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That is interesting. I am really thinking that I need to chop and start completely over.

I've had a 7th or 8th generation clone that started budding in the middle of veg cycle. No stress, no timer issues, or anything, just said screw it I wanna make babies .
I would atleast finish the flower so u get something for the electricity bill. Then order some autos and normal seeds. Then u can plug ur autos right into the same light cycle. And start some feminized in a window sill or somethen . U could also keep cutting off the balls. Hermies aren't the end of the world there's ways to fight the seed production if sacs haven't opened. One of my largest yielders was a hermie, ironic I know. I thought the extra male part production would change the energy focus. But what Evs
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Your right about the light bill. lol I just wish I could figure out if I should keep this strain going or not. decisions, decisions.....
If your doubts have caused you significant time, I would keep pulling the sacs off what you have in flower and scrap the ones in veg and get some new genetics.
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Thanks for advise everyone.