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Can u still clone plants 1 week into flower?


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I have some Island sweet skunk that i want to clone but i forgot to do it and just remebered but, im 1 week into flowering today, so is it to late? i know people take clones into flowering im just wonder how viable it is to do so at 1 week in and have a good success rate, thanks!


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nope,,,you will be fine,,, cut the bottom branches... good luck,,,


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yes. put it back in the lighting thats its used to. veg. time if you can.
you can also clone at 12/12 to get it started depending on if you have a veg room and a flower room. if you have both put back on the same light hours you used at veg. it will take faster rather than 24/0 unless you veg'd on 24/0.
because that what its used to. if you had in 12/12 for more than 2 weeks keep it in 12/12 until you get roots no nutes just b-1, beneficial bacteria and fungus. kelp folair is great to. floralicious plus folair is awesome for seedlings and clones. kelp folair is a sure rooting.


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it will go through a period of transition. back to veg. usually not a problem!
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