Certo to help pass test?


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Hello everyone

A good friend of mind told me that he has been using "Certo" to pass his random
drug test. I was wanting to know if anybody has tried this stuff. And if it does work or not.:hmmmm:
are you talking about certo's or w/e

you can get them from like davids and other local grocerie stores and stuff
It definately works IF you follow directions. I have passed 3 tests thanks to Certo. The night before the test down 1 packet Certo and drink nothing or eat nothing. In the morning down another packet. Then drink from 1/2 -1 gallon of water. Pee a couple of times until clear, then try to hold it until the test. I am assuming the pee test is in the morning as most are. If not adjust accordingly. DO NOT eat until after the test. Follow these directions and you should be good.

P.S. Don't try to eat another packet or drink more water to be on the safe side-it doesn't help and will only cause you more discomfort, yeah, it can be uncomfortable. Good Luck.
certo if thats the stuff that they use to seal jars........I think thats what your talking about if it is I wouldnt use it heard it can be hard on the kidneys
drinking a lot of anything to dilute the amount of THC in the urine will work.

whether or not certo has any advantage over your average bottle of the creatine vitamin is to be proven, but i seriously doubt it.

the key is to stretch out or dilute the THC cells in the urine. nothing can mask or "hide" them from a lab test. only after decreasing THC cells by dilution do you worry about getting your creatine (a normal body vitamin detected in the urine) levels back to normal. the more creatinine in the body, the yellower the color of the sample, also.


If a person has 15 hits of real good pot in 5 days(3 a night)and then obstains

the rest of the month-say 25 days and drinks alot of water would they pass

a urine test or blood test after the 25 days.IM not a big smoker but do have

to worry about a test every month because im on strong opiates for pain

and sometimes they test you,though its been over 2 1/2 years since they

did test me. :surf:
Certo isn't going to work. Its the massive amounts of water dilluting the urine that does the job but then if they test for creatine and ph levels you're going to fail. Depending on who's testing they may not check for the levels.
Your best bet if you're a heavy smoker is to usually sub with synthetic urine or someones clean urine. If you're a medium or light smoker dillution can work if done correctly.
but to much water is bad for you..just don't do the drug test...or pee by pinching an half water & you could try next time...when that time come's again then your ready...
Don't drink more than 48 ounces in a 3 hour period. Gatorade or a power drink works better than water. And when taking the UA pee 3 or 4 times before it, then use your midstream urine for the UA.
yall check this out...im a real 100% 420 smoker 4/life everyday allday....i did five years felony probation pissed every month clean using certo...trust me mix one pack certo to one gallon cranberry juice... drink whole thing.. piss twice.. then go take your piss test and smile when you turn it in...420tx
Hello everyone

sorry for the long time no hear from. Just to let everyone know I did try this on two test. On my first test the sample was sent to a lab, and I got called back to re take the test. I used synthetic urine for the retake.
The 2nd. time I used it I Passed so after reading all the responces I 'm concluding that Yes it does work. If the sample is not sent to a lab of some sort. Then again we really don't know 100%. Could have been all the tea I drank also.
Thats why its usually better to go the synthetic route. If you're on probation the best way is just to stop till probation is over. Depending on the probation, smoking just isn't worth the risks.
I've passed 2 drug tests with certo and both wer lab-tested. What I did was - I took 3-4 water pills in the morning and peed about 10 times. Then drank the certo mixed in a glass of water (tastes terrible so be prepared) then immediately drank another full glass of water. DONT PEE AFTER YOU TAKE IT UNTIL ITS TEST TIME. Also, if you take vitamin B12 it'll turn your pee yellow.
I've heard that certo coats your stomach and doesn't allow any of the THC to be released into your urine. It makes sense to me, and it works for me. Smoke up!
I don't know if this will work but i chacha'ed "what is the best way to mask a drug test except not smoking and using detox?" and it said that you mix a packet of Certo with a 32 ounce gaterade drink it pee once then you will be clean for 3 hours. chacha is a thing that you text and it will give you answers for any question (242242). But since i don't know if that will work i suggest using a detox drink that can be found in rite aid or niacin. But the most reliable way to get the thc out of your system completely is to drink a lot of water in 24 hours so you piss it all out. Also vinegar doesn't mask it completely but it will acidify your urine so the ph levels go down. That means it will take longer for the drug test to detect any thc. Another good way to get rid of it is star-caps thats what people use to mask steroids. It makes you pee a lot so you can get rid of the thc. The best way to get rid of it would be a marijuana detox kits those will get rid of it in like 3 hours.
I was on federal paper having to use a color code system.I had to call a number at a certain time every day.If my color was called I had a time limit to get downtown to pee.It works if you do it right.One package of certa which is whats in jello 32 ounces of hot water drink it all down "it taste like shit" followed by another 32 ounces of warm water .Now,,you have to coat your stomache with something a little greasy.The article I read suggested a sausage biscuit from Mc Donalds or B.K. You are gonna feel like you gotta shit and you do but dont.You have to empty your bladder completly.Drink one more glass of water=32 oz. When your taking your test,,you only want midstream piss in other words piss a little in the toilet then piss in the cup then before you finish piss the last part in the toilet.ONLY THE MIDSTREAM.I have passed everytime .This only works with the strips if they send it to a lab, your fucked!Good luck.
Interesting how this has been around like forever and so many ppl attempt to debunk it stating there is no proof that it works based on physiological reasoning, yet on the same note there isn't anything stating that it doesn't work. Here is what i am doing tomorrow since i am dirty for 2 substances thc n tweek.

(Step 1)Take 4 Aspirin 1 to 3 hours before you have to piss, take real aspirin not Tylenol or Alieve. You must take real 100% Aspirin

(Step 2)Take either Vitamin B-2 or B-12 to Color your urine. Take 50 to 100 milligrams of vitamin B, 1 hour before you Piss.

(Step 3)Take a 32oz Bottle of Gator Ade and Pour 1 pouch of the Certo into the GatorAde and shake until its mixed well and Drink in 15 minutes. You start this step 1 1/2 hours before you take the piss test. after 45 minutes repeat this step again

(Step 4)Drink at least 4 (16 oz) hefty glasses of fluid (preferably water) after drinking the First Gatorade and CERTO cocktail. Then repeat this again after you Drink the Second Gatorade and CERTO cocktail.

the advil does something to the EMIT which is ur basic strip tst but as stated before u run the risk of being "fucked" if it goes to the lab which usually if the EMIT is thrown off then it shouldn't be a problem the labs usually run what called a gc/ms which can be rather expensive unless run with a batch so as long as u are able to get a negative on the screening test you should be fine as the later is only used by most labs for confirmation most employers don't use it at all because of the cost. Your P.O. will though because along with it comes a large stack of paper work used for your revocation. None the less all this is used together they complement one another in some form or fashion never really understood how the certo works but i jus know for some reason it does. Anyway wish me luck as I'm facing 20 on an aggrivated felony if i don't pass this shit lol
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