Spike's Grow Room


2nd Place Plant, and 3rd Place Member of the Month
new grow 2 widows 1 unknown:surf: start soon

last plant from 4th grow, almost ready to dry

2 fem. 1 unknown next grow

middle plant unknown
Re: spikes grow room

General specs.:surf:

2 fem. widows
1 unknown male
hyponex potting soil
FF grow big
FF big bloom
ph down(as needed)
veg light-1 150 watt cfl w/hood 2 42 watt cfls
flower lights-1 250 watt hps-4 68 watt cfls(2700)4 42 watt cfls(2700)

Do to space I grow small plants-veg was 6 wks. then to flower
Re: spikes grow room

:welcome: If you look close at this leaf it is 2 toned as it grows more the light part turns
wht. some of my best widows have this trait and this gal - even small leaves have the trait so this will be a good producer,she is bigger than her sis already who was started at the same time. :surf:
Re: spikes grow room

Nice, Spike. funny how looking at your pics makes my mouth water....yummo! Congrats, bro.

:thx bobble,hopefully were on the tail end of freezing our asses off up here,right bobble? :surf::thanks:
Re: spikes grow room

:welcome: the new wht. widow smoke is by far the best for my brother,shaking,depression is better and seizures are all but,well
I'm not going to say it,they are better. plants are good,as usual the male is taking off,wanna get some seeds. :surf:
Re: spikes grow room

Really nice for tiny plants, beautiful cola on that first one!

Inspiration for those with little to no space :D
Re: spikes grow room

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A Des Moines Register poll released yesterday found that 64% of Iowans support patients’ use of medical marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation.oh yaa spike may be moving a few miles south.
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